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#7 Things To Know If You Are In The Last Year Of College

The coronavirus pandemic has taken everyone by surprise, so the act of planning any form of future seems to be more difficult than before. Even so, the end of graduation has approached for several seniors, who have been asking themselves: what to do after college?

The answer to this question is extremely individual, as it depends on your journey, personal goals and career. However, some advice can be taken as an initial guide for those who are unsure of what to do in this new cycle. Check out some of them!

What do you want?

The question may seem redundant for a text that aims to help you start a new step in the professional world, but even so, it needs to be said. It is okay to reach the end of graduation and realize that your life may be related to another career, or also take this opportunity to start over in another country. The central question is asked to understand what you really want in your professional life - and to think about the ways to get there.

For a deeper reflection on this issue, review your achievements and old dreams, touch on this theme during therapy. You don't have to think about questions like “who would I like to be in 10 years?”, but perhaps ask yourself about what job you would like to pursue right after college, thinking about issues such as your personal values, skills and financial goals.

Curriculum Vitae

Think of your greatest achievements and work in recent years, such as the final project in your college studies. Put all the points that can praise you professionally, and do not hesitate to speak well of yourself. The tip is to ask a close person to review your resume. If you need to write about qualities, also ask someone close to do this. With this strategy, you leave the Impostor Syndrome aside from the CV.

In addition to organizing a file to send to companies, be sure to update your LinkedIn and sign up for websites that connect employees with companies. That way, you don't miss out on opportunities.


Employment indications are still part of this work universe, so don't feel bad about asking people about job opportunities. The same goes for freelas, as this is your chance to show some of your skills without a long-standing commitment to the company.

Job interviews

Keep calm during the interviews, talk about your positive aspects and keep in mind your financial goals and personal values. Find a balance between places that are in accordance with your salary expectation, personal mission, and of course, comparison with the competitors of the market in which you want to operate.

If you realize that there is a gap in the market to undertake, serving an audience and values ​​that are not successfully addressed in this sector, it is important to reflect on this possibility as well and maybe open your own business - but the topic for entrepreneurs is kept for another text here at Her Campus.

Keep studying

Graduation is over but the investment in your career can continue. Think of complementary courses or even postgraduate courses that can help you stand out in the market. Think about what specialty you would like to work in and what differentiator would be useful in this journey, such as a Spanish course or even the knowledge of professional editing platforms.

Organize your finances

You may not yet live alone, but the time has come to learn how to manage your money. Review your spending, avoid superfluous purchases, learn to apply your resources and set aside reserves for emergencies and even retirement - believe me, it is not too early to organize these points.

Control anxiety, follow your goals

Go to therapy, learn to control your anxiety, and most importantly, focus on being happy. Start a cycle that personally satisfies you, remember that economic growth is an important point, but far from being the main one. At the end of the day, is all about prioritizing balance and keeping in mind that you have positive skills for different fields in the market, so it is up to you to think about which one will make you feel more fulfilled.


The article above was edited by Laura Ferrazzano

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