7 Sherlock Holmes Gifs About Cleaning Your Work Desk

Although college vacation is coming (or has already came for some lucky students), many interns still work during Holidays and face their computers and papers while the sun shines outdoors. Maybe the "end of the year" atmosphere or the sunny days can inspire collegiettes to start an organization plan - basically a desk cleanance. Get free of old papers and inkless pens, put all single articles in the correct files and, finally, change the photo desktop wallpaper.

1. Should I throw all of these papers away?

2. Why did I keep them?

3. But, if I throw them, what happens I someone comes searching for them?

4. Why would someone come after this?

5. Forget it, I will get rid of it!

6. No, maybe I have space to save it. If anything happens, at least I have this papers in here...

7. Ok. I don't have space in my desk for it. They will go straight to the waste.