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7 Plays And Musicals To See In São Paulo In April

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

If you live in São Paulo and love theater, you’re probably freaking out with all the plays that will reach the stages in 2019! From national scripts to Broadway classics, we prepared a list of seven plays and musicals you need to see in April. Choose a story, take your seat and have fun!   

Billy Elliot, O Musical

Winner of 10 Tony Award and five Olivier Award, “Billy Elliot” is the perfect pitch if you love majestic choreographies. The musical tells the story of an english little boy who wants to be a professional ballet dancer, and fight for it against his father’s will. Here in Brazil, Billy’s journey toward his dream is filled with songs written by Elton John, in versions adapted to Portuguese.

The iconic choreography, that mixes ballet, acrobatic movements and tap dance, is world-wide signed by Peter Darling. And be prepared: Peter himself nominated choreographers who worked in Broadway and West End seasons, to rehearse the Brazilian cast! So, “get some earrings, some mascara, heels and a fan”, and go to Teatro Alfa: Billy and all these grand performances are waiting for you!

Season: March 15 – June 30
Address: Teatro Alfa (R. Bento Branco de Andrade Filho, 722 – Santo Amaro)
Tickets: from R$ 37,50 to R$ 310,00.

Aparecida, Um Musical

This is a totally national production! The original script was written by the recognized playwright Walcyr Carrasco (who has already won an Emmy), and presents us the story of Nossa Senhora Aparecida, the patron saint of Brazil. The musical gathers historical facts and reports of miracles performed by the saint.

At the same time, we know Caio, a young and incredulous lawyer who fights against an inoperable cerebral cancer, and will find in faith and religion the hope of getting cured.

Rodrigo Hyppolito, the maestro of the show, has already worked in the Brazilian version of international successes, such as “Peter Pan” and “We Will Rock You”. He says that being part of “Aparecida: The Musical” is a totally new experience, different from all his other works in the area: “when it comes to a Broadway musical, there is a very ready recipe to follow, and in any part of the world that show will be almost the same. Here, we have original songs, original everything: we are free to create and transform”.

Season: March 22 – May 12
Address: Teatro Bradesco, at Bourbon Shopping (R. Palestra Itália, 500 – Perdizes)
Tickets: from R$ 37,50 to R$ 200,00.

Bullying, O Musical

The outcast in the spotlight: “Bullying: The Musical” is a show for everybody who’s already felt different and excluded. The high school can be cruel sometimes and Luisa knows it better than anyone: fighting for acceptance, she’ll give up her essence and friends to become a popular version of herself.

Written and directed by Allan Oliver and Breno Ganz, both 19 years old boys, the play deals with serious themes, like suicide, cyberbullying and sexuality, with a young and vibrant language. The soundtrack brings adaptations of Broadway and MPB classics.

Season: March 16 – May 26
Address: Teatro Shopping West Plaza (Av. Francisco Matarazzo – Água Branca)
Tickets: R$ 29,90 (fixed promotional lot available in Sampa Ingressos)

Em casa a gente conversa

Malu and Carlos Alberto’s “happily ever after” isn’t so happy as well. “We talk at home” is a romantic comedy that takes back moments of a couple in the verge of divorce. Fights, family lunches, sex, PMS: all told with humor, sincerity and transparency.

Season: April 5 – May 26
Address: Teatro Morumbi Shopping (Av. Roque Petroni Júnior, 1089 – Jardim das Acácias)
Tickets: from R$ 40,00 to R$ 80,00

O Frenético Dancin’ Days

Who doesn’t love disco music? This spectacle celebrates the Brazilian 70’s, while restoring the past of The Frenetic Dancin’ Days Discotheque, a famous nightclub that shaked Rio de Janeiro during the dictatorial regime. The club remained in operation for only four months, but this was enough for it to become a symbol of diversity and freedom.

The play was written by Nelson Motta, who’s also one of the founders of the discotheque. “Stayin’ Alive”, “YMCA” and “I love the nightlife” are some classics that are in the setlist of the show, besides national hits, like “As Frenéticas”.

The innovation is in the way these songs will be played on the stage: a DJ will be controlling the audio in live! The Teatro Opus is becoming a dance floor: let’s disco!

Season: March 15 – May 26
Address: Teatro Opus, at Shopping Villa-Lobos (Av. das Nações Unidas, 4777 – Alto de Pinheiros)
Tickets: from R$ 37,50 to R$ 170,00.

Sunset Boulevard

What happens behind the scenes in Hollywood? “Sunset Boulevard” is a musical about the success, glamour, greed and decay of the movie star, Norma Desmond. She is a decadent actress of the silent film, who lives in a lavish mansion in Los Angeles, and is planning a triumphal return to the big screen. That’s when she accidentally meets Joe Gillis, a young screenwriter, and find in him a chance to return to fame.

The soundtrack of “Sunset Boulevard” was produced by the acclaimed Andrew Lloyd Webber, who’s also the composer of renowned musicals, like “Phantom of The Opera”, “Evita” and “Cats”! In Brazil, Marisa Orth will be playing Norma Desmond, reprising a role that provided Glenn Close one Tony Award, as best actress. If you’re looking for a classic, here’s your perfect pitch!

Season: March 22 – July 7
Address: Teatro Santander, at JK Iguatemi (Av. Pres. Juscelino Kubitschek, 2041 – Vila Olímpia)
Tickets: from R$ 37,50 to R$ 290,00.

Gota D’Água [A seco]

A Greek tragedy adapted to the reality of a suburb of Rio de Janeiro: “Drop of Water [Dry]” is a Brazilian version of Medea’s story, from Euripedes. A plot of betrayal, revenge and social injustice unfolds when Jasão gives up his lover, Joana, to marry a daughter of a millionaire. The narrative of the couple was written by Chico Buarque and Paulo Pontes, in 1975, and comes back to the stages with a new style and more songs.

Season: April 17 – May 30
Address: Teatro Porto Seguro (Al. Barão de Andrade, 740 – Campos Elíseos)
Tickets: from R$ 25,00 to R$ 80,00.

Pick one and go! 

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