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7 Girls, 7 Feelings about JUCA 2016

JUCA is one of the most expected events of the year. Thinking about that, Her Campus interviewed a few girls from different years and situations to find out how they feel about it.

Mariana Morello, a freshmen in journalism, knew JUCA before entering college. Her friends, who used to attempt those university games, always told her how amazing it was. Because of that, she can’t wait to go to her first JUCA. About that, she says: “I think it’s more than just four days of drinking and partying: it’s an opportunity to cheer, dance, scream, and honor the college name. I think it’s going to be something that I will remember for the rest of my life”.

Gabrielle Vianna has a different point of view: as an athlete, JUCA doesn’t mean only party for her: “It’s a big responsibility to carry your college name. But at the same time, the feeling of being part of something is amazing”. As a sophomore in journalism, this JUCA is her second one, as an athlete as well. She explains that more than just excitement, competing brings other feelings, such as anxiety. But that doesn’t make Gabrielle panic! She said that, although she wanted more time to practice, she’ll give her best and try as hard as she can to win the gold medal for Cásper Líbero.  

Livia Figueiredo, sophomore in Journalism is going to her second JUCA, and her expectations are really high: “as a sophomore I think I’ll enjoy more than as a freshmen. Last year I didn’t know so many people as I do now and I didn’t know many things that now I know and I’ll avoid doing again, like taking too many clothes for example”. Yulia Serra and Camila Junqueira are also sophomores in journalism and this is their second JUCA as well. Because of that, their expectations are really high, because, according to Yulia “as I know how it is, I expect to be even better than last year’s!”. She wants to meet new people and enjoy every second, writing more chapters of her college story with her friends. For Camila: “Last year was amazing. Even though we were lost as freshmens, I loved. This year is going to be different because of that; I already know how it works”. She ended her statement saying that one thing she learned in two years of Cásper Líbero is that she have to enjoy every moment, and that’s what she intend to do!

Marília Kazmierczak is going to JUCA because of her friendships. As a junior in journalism, this is her third JUCA and she expects that those four days will give her the opportunity to get closer to people she likes. She also expects, as a member of Aguante, to cheer as much as she can, doing it for her love for her college.

At least, for the sophomore Eliane Rodrigues, JUCA will be a new experience. She didn’t go to the last year’s and now she intends to enjoy every second and get closer to some friends that nowadays she isn’t that close. She might expect some bad things, such as cold showers and bad food, but she knows that in the end those will be stories for the rest of her life.

They might be completely different girls dealing with JUCA in their very specific way, but two things they all have in common: they all expect a lot of those four days in Sorocaba and, last but not least, that Cásper Líbero wins JUCA 2016!

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