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#7 Genius References To Folklore Which Prove That You Need To Watch “Cidade Invisível” Right Now

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

The Brazilian series “Cidade Invisível” was just released in February 2021 and it has been watched in over more than 40 countries. The first season is streaming on Netflix and, one month later, it stills among the 10 most watched shows in Brazil. 

The plot of the series is based on many Brazilian myths which are very important for the culture of our country. Many gringos may have lost some of those references that are so familiar to our popular tradition. But, what about you? Were you able to identify all the legends of our folklore which appeared in the production? Her Campus Cásper Líbero made a selection of some characters of the show who also figured in our childhood tales. Keep reading and remember them!

Boto cor-de-rosa

Manaus is a handsome man, who wears white clothes and a hat all the time, only showing up at night at parties, making many women fall for him. He usually gets them pregnant and leaves them in the morning. This man represents the myth of the “boto cor de rosa”, that is a pink dolphin which lives in fresh water by day, but transforms itself into a man at night, charming women along the way with his beauty. He wears a hat to cover the hole on his head, which represents his dolphin side. 

Saci Pererê

The folkloric story of Saci often describes him as a small black boy who wears a red hat and has only one leg. In addition to that, his personality is based on messing the places where he is at. At the show, the limp kid Isac represents the myth, bringing joy for the ones who meet him and also some confusion, starting a friendship with the young Luna.


Camila is a stunning woman with a charming voice, who often tries  to bring the main character, Eric, under her spell. Just like the legend of the Amazon mermaid Iara, when she sings, men usually fall for her, following her under the water and getting drowned. 

Tutu Marambá

The character Tutu has the name of the myth itself. Tutu Marambá is represented in a story which is not a very famous one in Brazilian general culture. According to the legend, he is an amorphous creature related to boogeyman, who torments children while they sleep. Tutu is very important at the show, being friends with Camila and Inês. He is described as a tall and strong creature, who often gets in fights, and can transform itself on a boar.



One of the most famous stories of the Brazilian folklore mentions an alligator that is also a very powerful witch, called Cuca. She usually appears at the lullabies for children, always referred to as a monster. However, at the TV show, Cuca is a beautiful and mysterious woman called Inês, who is the leader of the other folklore figures that appear during the story and can turn into a butterfly to peek and watch people sleep.


With no doubts, the most feared character is Curupira, the one who protects the Brazilian forest of hunters and people who want to tear down the trees. With his head literally on fire and his feet pointing backwards, he usually leaves footprints to mess with them, letting them get lost. At the show, the character Iberê is a poor and drunk man, stuck in a wheelchair but lately, he shows himself. 

Corpo Seco

The villain of the show is based on the story of “Corpo Seco” (in English, “dry body”), which is a cursed soul, who was so cruel when alive that is not accepted by heaven nor hell. At the show, it possesses the young girl Luna, killing many of the other fantastic characters. 

The second season of “Cidade Invisível” is already confirmed and it will count with other legends which are also part of Brazilian culture. However, as long as the next season is not released, we hope you enjoy the first one, and use it to learn more about some of Brazilian beliefs! 


The article above was edited by Helena Cardoso.

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