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#7 Fashion Trends That We Need To Keep An Eye On

The first runway shows are happening already, which means that the trends of the street are slowly starting to show up! So come check some that are worthy of keeping an eye on. 

Fun sweaters

That sweaters are essential in everyone’s life that’s a fact. Besides fulfilling their duty of keeping us warm, they are incredibly comfortable. Even though they are kind of famous for making the look a little sloppy, sweaters are a hot topic right now: they are going beyond basic blouses to be fun in 2021! With the graphic drawing and prints, the knitwear is now a piece to make your outfit super casual, edge, and most important of all fun!

Brown Is The New Black

Brown is definitely the color of the season! Many haute couture brands, like Dior, have been giving tips since the Paris fashion show in 2020 about how powerful this palette will be. Brown now is the new black. If you have a certain apprehension when it comes to more earthy tones, give brown a change, you can mix with colors in the same palette, go with a monochromatic look or even add some colorful accessories to the outfit to make it more fun! In any of these options, brown has taken the street style in 2021.

Goodbye Skinny Trousers

We are aware that skinny jeans are the safe choice for everyone. But each year since 2018, they are losing more and more space whether that be on the runway or in the streetwear. In 2021, they are officially off the market, now pieces with wide legs cut, boot cut and mom jeans are trending. In any kind of material, jeans or another type of pants, the idea now is to live the look looser and automatically more comfortable.

Cool Cutouts In The Back

Put your back into the game! That’s right! The tendency now is to have a cool cutout in the back of your top. This kind of “destroyed” look is more common in the front of the pieces, like in the neck or the waist for example. However, now they come really strong with these asymmetrical cuts in the back, usually tied up with a string. This trend definitely makes the look more edgy and elegant.

Checkerboard Is Everything!

This graphic pattern will definitely take over you, as or took over the street style. This print gives your outfit a more modern and cool look. You can mix it with other prints or use it in different textures and colors. Buffalo Check and Tartan are the most known patterns (the classic red, black and white) but in 2021, they go beyond this traditional palette and can be found in many colors. Especially in the pants! That’s right, checkered pants are the hot topic in this season, there are no rules when it comes to combining them, feel free and have as much fun with this print as you can!

Pearls and Beads

Fashion and style are something that is constantly changing, however, some things remain always like a classic. When we think of pearls, the image of Audrey Hepburn in the 60s instantly comes to mind, but now they are more modern than ever! Coming along with colorful beads, they complement the outfits, giving a more casual and different vibe. Remembering always that a stylish look is compound by the details.

Shoulder Bags

We can’t get enough of them! They came back from the early 2000 and have been seen everywhere. Let’s be honest, the hand-free cross bodies bags are more convenient to carry, but nothing compares to a mini shoulder bag that makes everything look super-chic. Many haute couture brands like Prada and Fendi already adopted the item and put it on the runway, showing that this style icon will be definitely seen in the street, and is a trend to keep an eye on in 2021.

The article above was edited by Isabella Gomes.

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