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#7 Brazilian Shows You Should Stream Right Now

As we all already know, Brazilian TV shows are not a big thing yet. Although many of them are great, most don’t receive as much recognition as they should. However, streamings like Netflix and Globoplay started investing in Nacional productions not too long ago and we already have marvelous things that you must see.

On top of that, I’m here to show you 7 Brazilian series you should stream right now! Check it out below:

“Bom Dia, Verônica” (2020)

Adaptation of the book with the same name from Ilana Casoy and Raphael Montes, ‘‘Bom Dia Veronica’’ tells a very interesting story that brings out sensitive subjects, such as violence, infidelity, torture, and many others. Veronica Torres (Tainá Muller) works as a clerk in a homicide police station where faces numerous situations, dealing every day with a bureaucratic system at the same time she tries to save a victim of domestic violence. Despite not being so pleasant to watch, this TV show exposes a necessary discussion about feminism and politics, which are essential topics for society to ponder. It’s a very intriguing series and a worthwhile choice available on Netflix.

“Coisa Mais Linda” (2019)

An original series of Netflix, ‘‘Coisa Mais Linda’’ is one of those shows you can watch in a single day, since there are only seven episodes in the first season. In Rio de Janeiro, portraying the birth of ‘‘Bossa Nova’’ — a Brazilian style of music — the production tells the story of four powerful women trying to resist inequality and fight for their rights in the late 1950s. This TV show is for people who like to see strong women dealing with everyday issues: sexism, racism, and other structural problems we have to face all the time. It already has two seasons and heads for a third one, soon available on Netflix.

“Irmandade” (2019)

Another Netflix original production, directed by Pedro Morelli, stars Cristina (Naruna Costa), an honest lawyer who finds out that her missing brother, Edson (Seu Jorge), is in prison for being the commander of a criminal faction called ‘‘Irmandade’’. As a result of trying to save him from the violence suffered inside the penitentiary, she ends up being forced to go to prison and infiltrate his faction, working against him. A curious fact about the show is that it was filmed in a real Brazilian prison, with original objects! It is also a great choice because it shows a different perspective of criminal faction productions (in a non-cheesy way) and relevant subjects, such as sexism and racism in the law industry.

“Bandidos na TV” (2019)

For those who love documentary series, ‘‘Bandidos Na TV’’ can be a perfect choice! The production portrays the real story of the Brazilian journalist ‘‘Wallace Souza’’, accused of masterminding murders and crimes just to bring the audience to his TV show. Directed by Daniel Bogado, we can see two sides: Wallace´s and police´s, which makes the public ponder who was right or wrong. This one is also a Netflix original and is the first Brazilian shot made as documentary series –  well evaluated by the audience.

“Sintonia” (2019)

If you ever heard of any Brazilian funk in your life I’m sure ‘‘KondZilla’’ is not an uncommon name. One of the biggest funk producers in Brazil, he is ahead of “Sintonia” too. The production, which occurs in Jaguaré slum, São Paulo, narrates the life of three teenagers: Doni (MC Jottapê), who wants to be a successful funk singer, Rita (Bruna Mascarenhas) who searches for comfort in the Evangelical religion and Nando (Christian Malheiros) who ends up being a drug dealer to provide for his family. The interesting fact is that most of the actors really lived in this reality, making the story even more real for the viewers. For once, life in the Brazilian slums doesn’t get treated with a lot of stereotypes and shows that people can change their condition even though they’re born in a difficult place.

“Sob Pressão” (2017)

This one is for those people who like a good medical drama: ‘‘Sob Pressão’’ was based on a  film by Andrucha Waddington which was inspired by the book “Sob Pressão – A Rotina de Guerra de um Médico Brasileiro”. The series, which can be streamed in Globoplay, takes place in a public hospital located in  Rio de Janeiro suburbs that suffers from a lack of resources and patients overcrowding the beds. Dr. Evandro (Júlio Andrade) and Dr. Carolina (Marjorie Estiano) are the ones who deal with all these problems and try to coordinate everything. This show is an option for those who enjoy American medical dramas (such as “Grey’s Anatomy”) but at the same time want to see the reality of public hospitals in Brazil and how they manage to be so unvalued by the government.

“O Mecanismo” (2018)

Created by José Padilha (who is best known for directing the film ‘‘Tropa de Elite’’), ‘‘O Mecanismo’’ is a Netflix original series with a fictional story (due to drama reasons) that is based on real Brazilian events. Political schemes and corruption are the heart of the show and Marco Ruffo (Selton Mello) and Verena (Caroline Abras) are responsible for being the narrators of the story. Although ‘‘O Mecanismo’’ has received lots of critics, I think it is a good recommendation for those who seek entertainment in the political subject.

The article above was edited by Nicoly Bastos.

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