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#6 YouTube Channels That Will Help You Manage Your Money

Managing your money can be a problem, especially for young adults. But with the help from these channels, this task can become very easy.

With adulthood comes a lot of responsibilities, as earning your own money. The problem is that most of us never learn how to manage it and end up spending everything on unnecessary things. 

However, by watching these YouTube channels, you will surely learn more about your money and discover amazing tips to help you save it.

Money Advice Service

This channel offers, in its own words, “free, impartial advice for everyone who needs or wants it”. An independent service set it up by the UK government to help people make the most out of their money by offering track tools and support over the phone.

Money Saving Expert

Martin Lewis hosts a series of videos explaining the financial system and advising you while doing it. The YouTube channel has more than 40k subscribers and contains video clips from the Martin Lewis Money Show.

The Break

With more fun and approachable personality, Patricia Bright advises you through the money world while entertaining you. With videos going from “How To Buy A House” to “How To Develop Better Habits”, she has already gained more than 400k subscribers.

Marko - WhiteBoard Finance

What makes Marko's channel stand out from the others, is that he utilizes a whiteboard to write down and illustrate his ideas, giving some serious “Professor Vibes”. Jokes aside, Marko makes apparently super difficult topics much easier to understand. His channel has more than 600k subscribers.

Nath Finanças

Having over 200k subscribers on Youtube and a published book, entitled “Orçamento sem Falhas”, Nath makes great videos full of charisma and with simple but precise answers to common doubts on the financial market.

Me Poupe!

With content more based on daily financial activities, as “how to save money on supermarket shopping”, Nathalia Arcuri has conquered over 5 million subscribers and a published book, which has the same name as her YouTube channel. Moreover, Nathalia has a website with many tools and post to help you in your financial life.


The article above was edited by Isabella Gomes.

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