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#6 Steps To A Beauty Routine During Winter

Just as we change our clothing style during the winter, it is also important to update our beauty routine during this time, since with lower temperatures our skin is very dry. In this regard, we will address six routine beauty tips during cold periods.

Strengthen capillary hydration and avoid very hot water bathing

You’ve probably heard that too hot water is bad for the hair. Oh, but even more so in the winter, who doesn’t want a warm bath? Well, but here is the explanation for you to avoid or at least decrease: hot shower water removes the scalp's natural oiliness, which makes the wires more dry and full of frizz. Because of this, it is important to strengthen nutrition and hair hydration during this period, okay?

Fortify facial and body hydration

Hot water is not only your scalp’s enemy: it also reduces your skin’s natural hydration. Thus, during the winter, it is interesting to invest in a more powerful moisturizer for your body and face.

Thermal Protector, please!

If you prefer to dry your hair with the dryer, please use a leave-in with thermal protection on your hair first! This way, your hair will be protected from the accessory’s warmth and also with more safety against frizz.

Use lip balm

To protect your mouth from the cold, which can cause dryness and the chap’s lips, use a good brand of lip balm. Remember that lipstick's use does not replace the action of lip balm, okay? The lipstick only protects the lips, but does not moisturize or repair the lip cracks.

Hand cream

Because the hand is one of the body’s parts that suffer the most from the cold, hydrating them is essential. Thus, you prevent her skin from getting hurt.

6. Sunscreen: don't sit this one out!

It's not just because the sun isn't shining that we should stop wearing sunscreen. The sun’s rays remain strong, even in the cloudy weather, so it’s important to protect the skin regardless of the season.


The article above was edited by Beatriz Cristina.

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