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#6 Reasons Why You Should Watch “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series”

For everyone who loves High School Musical, you can believe me when I tell you that you will not regret watching High School Musical: The Musical: the Series, this amazing series that perfectly honors the legacy of the movies. It has been available on Disney+ since November 2019, and the episodes of season 2 are being released every week since May 14th, 2021.

So here’s a little about the show: The school where the HSM movies were filmed hires a new drama teacher whose main goal is to put on a High School Musical play in the school. Miss Jen, the new drama teacher, was a background in the original HSM movie, and consequently, she cares a lot about the franchise and is very excited to stage a production of this story in East High. In the first few episodes, we see the characters auditioning for the parts and as the show moves forward, we also see them getting to know each other and their journey to opening night.

Old Songs From HSM 1 And 2

In the show, we got to see a lot of old songs from High School Musical on Season 1 and 2, such as “Start Of Something New”, “Stick To The Status Quo”, “Breaking Free”, “Get’cha Head In The Game” and a Medley with songs from the second movie, containing “Fabulous”, “You Are The Music In Me” and “All For One”. But don’t worry, this is not all the old songs, there’s a lot more! My personal favorite is Ricky’s (Joshua Bassett) version of Gabriella’s When There Was Me and You and the Medley.

Original Songs

To be completely honest, the original songs are the best part of the show. I’m pretty sure that if you listen to it, you will love and get addicted to it, with the songs stuck in your head for days! My favorite ones are ‘Just For A Moment’ that was written by Joshua Bassett, our “Ricky Bowen” and Olivia Rodrigo, our lovely “Nini”; and also ‘All I Want’ written by Olivia for her character. The entire soundtrack is available for streaming!

Beauty And The Beast Songs

If you are just like me and Beauty And The Beast was your favorite Disney Princess Movie, you will love to know that Season 2 has plenty of songs from the classic movie like “Belle” and “Beauty And The Beast”. Seeing them singing these songs was so nostalgic for me!

The Amazing Cast

High School Musical: The Musical: The Séries has an impressively talented cast, including Joshua Bassett (Ricky), Olivia Rodrigo (Nini), Sofia Wylie (Gina), Matt Cornett (E.J), Frankie Rodriguez (Carlos), Julia Lester (Ashlyn), Joe Serafini (Seb), Dara Reneé (Kourtney), Larry Saperstein (Big Red). 

Something I loved to see on this show was they casted real teenagers to play the students of the fictional East High School from Salt Lake City! Most of the actors in the show are around the same age as their characters and some are even younger. Sofia Wylie, who plays the amazing Gina is actually younger, she was 15 when casted and now 17. Also, Olivia Rodrigo, who plays Nini, turned 18 this year. It’s amazing to watch people that actually look like teenagers! 

Representation and diversity

HSMTMTS has one of Disney’s first gay romantic storylines. In the show, Seb (Joe Serafini) and Carlos (Frankie Rodriguez) develop an adorable relationship. Seb also plays the character of Sharpay in the school’s HSM play and he is awesome! Additionally, Nini has two moms, played by Nicole Sullivan and Michelle Noh. Their relationship isn’t very developed in the first season, but we do get to see them giving great advice to both Nini and Ricky. In addition, Olivia Rodrigo has Filipino ascendency just like her character, Nini. 

HSM Memories

This series brought a new face to the classic movies, bringing not only old fans from HSM – now grown-ups – but also new ones to watch this modern take on the story. This show is shot in a mockumentary style, popularized by the sitcom The Office, so sometimes the characters break the fourth wall in an interview-like way, sharing what they’re thinking with the audience. Also, it has a lot of comedy and DRAMA, just like in the movies, but more! What all of this means is that the show is so funny and sometimes completely nonsensical, and you can’t miss the opportunity to check it out. 


The article above was edited by Rafaela Bertolini.

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