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It’s time to shine! Carnival has finally arrived and we are crazy to take a glitter bath and hang out with our friends, glowing like the sun. It’s super fun and super easy. There are so many ways to use it and we’ll show you how. To fix it in your body, you can use makeup setting spray, vaseline or hair gel. But first, let me tell you something: craft glitters are not ecological. Always choose the edible ones to preserve the environment. It works just the same!

#1 – Highlighter

Credits: Pinterest

That’s the most common way: put the glitter as you put highlighter in your face, below your eyes and temples. It makes an incredible effect!

#2 – Eyebrows

Credits: Pinterest

Your eyebrows can define your face. If you wanna impact everyone with glowing eyebrows, you should definitely try this one!

#3 – Mouth

Credits: Pinterest

Carnival is not the time to wear lipstick, it’s the time to wear glitterstick! This is the one hack that, for sure, you need to use edible glitters. You don’t wanna eat craft glitter, do you? Under the glitter, try to use some gloss to fix it better.

#4 – Hair

Credits: Pinterest

The result is really pretty, but you might still have glitter in your hair for a week! But don’t worry, that’s not a problem, right? We love glitter and we think people should use it the whole year!

#5 – Freckles

Credits: Pinterest

It’s hard to deny that freckles are the cutest thing ever, and you can even create your own now!

#6 – Neck and chest

Credits: Pinterest

Our favorite one! You don’t need a real tan to get the perfect shiny skin. You just need glitter!

…Or you can just drop it on your whole body. Enjoy Carnival and don’t forget to shine bright like a diamond!

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