5 Women Who Acquired New Hobbies During Quarantine

In early 2020, Brazil was marked by the emergence of the first cases of coronavirus, a disease that has been affecting an increasing number of victims worldwide. One of the preventive measures so that there is no greater contamination is social isolation. The essential activities, like shopping or going to pharmacies are still allowed.

With classes and some work areas suspended, having to work from home and, unfortunately, dismissal, are becoming usual things in the daily lives of Brazilians. Therefore, many people found ways to spend some time of the day doing a pleasurable activity, which helps to face this delicate moment.

The Psychologist Ana Elisa believes that hobbies help to ease some symptoms, stating that “for a depressed person, having a hobby can bring a meaning to the isolation, something that brings movement to the body. Anxious or panicky people tend to project their thinking into future times, imagining disastrous scenarios in relation to the pandemic.” However, people should pay attention to respecting their moments and doing activities according to their limits. “Having a hobby comes as a form of distraction, bringing the focus to the present moment of the action”, adds Ana.

For the psychologist Júlia Scarpioni, hobbies are very important activities and it must be maintained beyond the quarantine, because it's related to the pleasure and the satisfaction of human needs, as a source of physical and mental self-care. Regarding physical activities, there is a metabolic and hormonal regulation that produces, for example, endorphins. This hormone has an analgesic effect, controls tension and regulates mood. In the mental issue, hobbies provide pleasure, which is essential for the mind. In addition, these activities help reconnect with oneself and our own creativity. However, Scarpioni warns that we should set aside a time only for the hobby, without using it as a way to lessen the work. “Everyone's leisure time should be just that. A 20 or 30 minute break is not a hobby. Many people think it is, but it is not. This is bypassing your physical and mental body to continue producing. Hobby is self-awareness, it is kind to you”, adds the psychologist.

Meet five women who acquired new hobbies during the quarantine and get inspired!


Ji Choi is a corporate communications intern and already feels the strong impact that the quarantine has had on her life. Almost every weekend before the quarantine, she had some activity like trips, music festivals or even trails, which took up most of her free time and helped her well-being and controlling her anxiety. Nowadays, it is through meditation that she is adapting to the new model of life. “Now with this confinement, I really started to feel the difference in my body, how much it was lacking for me.” She also says that "our days are more and more monotonous and might be losing sense, and meditation has helped me to control my thoughts".




Ji says that she has had contact with meditation before isolation, but she didn't have much practice, and now it's through these experiences that she does her own meditation. She says there is no right routine, she does it when she feels the need, but she prefers to do it before bed, because it helps to calm the mind and relax. When asked how the feeling caused by this activity is, Choi says that “tranquility and self-love” stand out, and adds that “meditation is you with yourself, you don't have to worry about others around you."



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Juli Soares is the creative director at an advertising agency, and due to the quarantine, her work has changed and is now she’s working from home, which means that she has to work more hours than usual. A reality of the current scenario, which has been happening to many workers, is that this type of work increases the rates of tiredness and raises stress levels.

During this period, Juli used part of his time to improve her knowledge on drawing and learning how to play the keyboard. “Drawing is something that I always liked and that brings me a lot of joy and peace. It's one of the things that relaxes me the most and makes me happy”, says Juli. Almost every night, she is able to dedicate herself to drawing and, often, it's accompanied by wine. Pinterest is one of the main sources of inspiration, and during the day, she also writes down what she would like to draw.

As it is a more challenging activity, the advertiser practices keyboard only on weekends, through the Flowkey app. About the reason for choosing this hobby, Juli says that “music is something that I always wanted to get more involved in and learn to play instruments”. However, she points out that "the need to focus on learning that could be converted into professional progress" did not allow her to practice her hobbies more often.



Every morning, the graphic designer Beatriz Souza takes care of the home garden, which includes cacti, succulents, roses and avenca plants. The young woman says that she started to be interested in plants due to the quarantine and that “it was something that she was thinking about doing one day in life, but there was a lack of a push”, she says. And it all started because your mother had no time to care for the plants.

Beatriz grew up watching her grandfather and mother taking care of the garden, watching them buy new plants and grow them. They have always been an inspiration to her. “I feel immense tranquility and there is always a good memory of a moment I had with my grandfather.” Souza also points out that care and involvement with botanical practice "is a way to reduce anxiety before starting work hours".


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Another example of a hobby is Sandryelle Santos, who found in collage a way to express herself during isolation. The journalism student and fraud prevention analyst works from home and uses this art to fill her spare time. There is no certain routine for this practice, it usually does in the evening, after work.

I feel useful, because I already tried to paint, draw etc., but it didn't work. So it was the closest to the “artistic” that I got ”, says the student. Sandryelle learned collage from a friend and from there she started to create her own art, in which she herself confesses that “I can finally express a little of what I'm feeling.” In addition, she also uses Pinterest posts as a reference and inspiration.


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Mariana Scalise started cooking out of necessity and because she had more free time. The veterinary medicine student, who studies full time and away from her hometown, doesn’t usually look much for recipes — because she is based on the ones her mother made. "I feel like I'm taking care of myself, because I do it calmly, paying attention and thinking about the best way it can be," comments Scalise.


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She says the process has become a way of self-knowledge, as she is paying more attention to herself and her will. Because she is cooking more sweets, Marina even thinks about starting to sell it. She didn't like to cook before, but with the quarantine she realized the opposite and that there is a way to do it “I learned and I’m still learning to have a better relationship with food, because it is not a burden. I don't feel obligated and it is very good to do it for yourself ”, concludes the veterinary student.


The article above was edited by Yasmin Altaras, and translated by Giovanna Favero.

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