5 Sexist Phrases We're Tired Of Listening In The Workplace

Women have conquered their space in the workplace with a lot of effort, dedication and braveness. But some day-to-day situations shows that sexism still survives in the details.

Being a woman in the labor market is a constant struggle against sexism and this kind of symbolic violence. This type of behavior is embedded in 'veiled' attitudes to try to disqualify or demonstrate, in an immature way, who is in power or who is stronger.  

Recognize the prejudice when listening:

1. "Must be dating the boss"

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The comments that describe a woman's professional ascension to her favoritism automatically cancel out the possibility that she has achieved good results by her own ability.

2. "Must be PMS"

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The problem in this sentence is that any out of habit reaction is labeled as an exaggerated and insane attitude, probably due to the PMS, since "in those days women are out of control" and not to the real gravity of the event that she's facing. 

3. "You're even smart enough for a woman"

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It is common to hear assimilation of good female performance to the performance of men. While pressure for results exists for everyone, women often feel more compelled to perform well and prove their skills.

4. "You better call a man to help you with this"

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Society clearly understands that, "because women are less capable", women are more liable to error than men. 

5. "Why don't you wear some makeup? It would be better presented "


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There is a subtle irony in this comment: it's perceptible the insinuation that appearance is more important than its competence. 

Who rules the world? Girls!