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5 Recommendations For Anyone Who Wants To Read Books And Chill

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

We all live a very busy and agitated life so, it doesn’t matter how you are spending your days, the thing is: when you get some free time, a good place to start relaxing is with a good book. So here is a list of 5 books to read and chill. 

Milk and Honey – Rupi Kaur

Maybe poetry isn’t your vibe, but I can assure you that Rupi Kaur will change your mind about it. “Milk and Honey” is divided in four parts and each of them takes out your breath in a different way. Love, relationships, sex, femininity and abuse are some of the topics Rupi brought to this book in a very sensitive way. Oh, and the illustrations are made by her too, what a women.

The Catcher in the Rye – J. D. Salinger

A real classic, but not in a boring way. “The Catcher in the Rye” is a book that talks about the life of Holden Caulfield, a sixteen boy which has been expelled from many schools including Pencey, witch he is leaving. Holden is a rebel and hates basically everything or that is what he says so. Even though, he is afraid of telling his parents, therefore he decides to go on a trip to New York before making his decision. It is the kind of book that talks about life the way it is, with the complex issues and doubts. Also, be prepared for a lot of irony and sarcasm.

Landline – Rainbow Rowell

“Landline” is a really cute book about love. The story happens near Christmas, when Georgie McCool, a TV writer, needs to work on the holidays and her family (Neal, her husband and their kids) go to Nebraska to spend the days. Her marriage is broken and her carrier may be the problem, but everything changes when she discovers a yellow telephone that can make her talk to Neal in the past! Maybe changing the past is the only way to make things good again in the present.

Red Queen – Victoria Aveyard

In this dystopia the world is divided in two: the ones with red blood and the ones with silver. Powers like super strength, mind reading and manipulation of fire are only born with the silvers and that is way they rule the world. But, thankfully we have Mare Barrow, a red girl that discovers her power and helps to build a revolution against the system. The book is pretty catchy, it won’t let you stop reading.

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone – J. K. Rowling

Harry Potter used to be a ordinary kid living an ordinary life with his terrible uncles. Little he knew that he was one of the most famous wizards of all times. But, on his eleventh birthday he discovers everything that people tried to hide from him: the way his parents died and his powers. From this day on, Harry gets to study at Hogwarts, school of Wizardry and Witchcraft, where he lives adventures and learns about who he is. I read this book when I was 9 and it got deep on my feelings till present days, truly worth it!


The article above was edited by Laura Ferrazzano. 

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