5 Recent And Great Shows For You To Watch On Netflix

Nowadays, we have an infinitude of TV series and ways to watch it: you can be a Netflix user, a PopCornTime fan or even do it on the most traditional ways, like TV or DVDs. With all this options, it’s really hard not to find at least two or three that really matches to your likes. But most of people doesn’t have time to keep up with all the series launchings of the moment - and all this variety can be a little discouraging by the time of choosing which one to follow.

If you fit into this profile, the list below is especially for you. Check it out five recent releases that are being (or have everything to be) a success among the TV shows fans:

#1 - La Casa de Papel

Credits: IMDb

The story starts when Professor (Álvaro Morte) has a brilliant plan and recruits eight criminals to rob the Mint of Spain. The whole story is narrated by Tokio, played by Úrsula Corberó, a thief who became a murderer after the death of her boyfriend during one robbery. With others six criminals, they make 60 captives inside the coin house and steal 2.4 billion euros.

All the characters are very deep explained with the flashback technical in a way that spectators can understand each ones’ motivations. It’s very hard not to want to binge-watch La Casa de Papel. All the overturns on the plot make people curious about what is going to happen on the next episode.

#2 - The End of the F***ing World

Credits: IMDb

The End of The F***ing World is one of the most popular series of the moment. James and Alyssa are two social misfits teenagers that go on a trip to find the girl’s father. The boy has psychopathy problems and dreams about killing a human being. On the other hand, Alyssa is a sociopath with traits of bipolarity.

Sinister events occur throughout the story, and they’ll make these kids commit a lot of crimes. After some time, the audience finds out these boys are just two lost kids with a lack of attention from their parents. If you have lots of things to do, be careful with this series. You can become addicted to that in a point that you won’t want to do nothing more.

#3 - Dark

Credits: IMDb

If you like Stranger Things, you’ll probably like Dark too. It’s hard not to be captured by this deutsch series since the first minutes of the pilot. The story occurs in Germany and talks about the missing of two little children while it exposes the relations between four families. One of the greatest hits of the narrative is that you don’t have access to big details about the plot since the beginning. And all this mystery makes who is watching not to want to put their eyes out of the screen.

#4 - Altered Carbon

Credits: IMDb

This tip goes for you who likes sci-fi. Have you ever imagined a future in which bodies become vehicles for a chip that keeps the human essence? It’s kind of an eternal entity that only ceases to exist if this diapositive is destroyed. That’s the main point presented on Altered Carbon. The series is the biggest bet of Netflix for the year and is announced as a futurist show that will remember people the legacy of the classic movie Blade Runner to the cinema. Are you going to miss this interesting story?

#5 - Damnation

Credits: IMDb

Are you a fan of great old western narratives? So Damnation can be a good choice for you. The story occurs during the Great Depression (1929) and shows us farmers in a rural american city that fights against the drastic reduction of its inputs value. This conflict generates a big strike that takes epic proportions in the city. Almost all of the episodes are a criticism to the american industrial movement and its consequences. It sounds like a captivating history class, doesn’t it?

Take the popcorn and press play to watch the more interesting series for you!