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#5 Reasons Why You Should Watch “Bill & Ted” Right Now

Many franchises have been revived in the last few years giving us all varying levels of nostalgia. So it was only fair that Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter came back to the roles of Ted “Theodore” Logan and Bill S. Preston Esq. The first movie of the comedy science fiction series came out way back in 1989, the sequence premiered two years later and now we finally got the last chapter. And here’s why you should catch up to this time travel adventure and watch Bill & Ted Face the Music.

It’s A Bit Insane

Imagine the craziest plot ever. Are you imagining it? Well, trust me, it’s not as crazy as the Bill & Ted trilogy. It probably made sense in the 80’s and early 90’s, we’ll never know.

The first movie, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure, starts with the fate of the world on the balance: Bill and Ted need to pass their History report to save life as we know it. Why? Because, if that doesn’t happen, they’ll be separated, their band Wyld Stallyns will never exist and they’ll never write the song that unites the world creating a peaceful utopia. That’s where time travel comes in handy.


In Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey, one of the franchise’s most charismatic characters is introduced: Death. Yeah, Bill and Ted die as part of a villainous plot to change the future and go to hell. Now, they need to convince Death to bring them back so that Wyld Stallyns can give their first important performance. To achieve that, they must beat Death in a game of their choosing. So of course they choose games like Twister, Battleship and Clue, to Death’s dismay. It’s absolutely ridiculous.


Not only does music play an important part in the story (it’s going to bring peace on Earth), it’s also referenced all the time. Like when Bill and Ted recite the song Dust in the Wind by the Scorpions to Socrates. Or when they quote Every Rose Has Its Thorn by Def Leppard at the gates of heaven to explain the meaning of life.

In Bill and Ted Face the Music, the friends receive an ultimatum: the song that unites the world must be performed that day at 7:17 PM at "MP 46". Since they haven’t been able to write the song so far, their daughters decide to time travel to gather famous musicians throughout history and help their dads.

The Power Of Friendship

There’s no Bill without Ted, and vice-versa, they do everything together. EVERYTHING. I mean, the world would literally end if they followed different paths. When they travel to the future in the third movie, Bill and Ted find themselves in very different horrible situations, but there’s one constant: they’re always together.

At its core, the Bill & Ted series is about the power of friendship resulting in music that can save the world. The movies are goofy and fun and I dare you to find a more wholesome film in 2020.

Time Travel

Time travel is essential to these movies and it causes the most amusing situations. Using it to fix past mistakes? Check. Meeting famous historical figures? Check. Meeting your future selves? Genghis Khan trashing a mall? Mozart and Jimi Hendrix jamming together? Check. Check. Check. If you like the topic, then the Bill & Ted series is a must watch.


The article above was edited by Laura Okida.

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