5 Reasons Why Astrology Got So Popular Within Millennials

Millennials or Generation Y are known for always approaching issues that they identify with, that is, issues that they can see and feel special about. While seeking to have a more liberal view of the world, they constantly seek to feel unique in the midst of this generalization. 

They defend the idea that their individuality is nothing more than authenticity, which consequently leads to factors that will influence society. This is one of the most striking features of these people and that is why the interest of this generation in astrology has increasingly called attention.

When we talk about consumption habits of generation Y, compared to the previous generation (Generation X) millennials are much less religious. According to the MindMiners website, only 38% are religious or linked to a religious institution, against 52% of X Generation.

For some, astrology is considered just a superfluous diversion from trying to predict the future, but for others it is an inaccurate science that takes into account different personalities. Contrary to what many may say, the adherents of this "science" claim that astrology does not generalize society, much less categorize by birthdays certain personalities, but they bring out the individuality and unique characteristics of each birth chart, since there are infinite combinations of dates and countless factors that influence this calculation.

Below, we've put together 5 reasons that may make sense in a millennial's head when interested in astrology:

  1. 1. Get Explanations For The Unexplainable

    This is yet another basic topic for aspiring astrologers, but when we think of millennials, this generation is always judged for having little faith or seeking less form of belief than Generation X.

    But contrary to these judgments, a good number of millennials who are interested in astrology seek an explanation of their feelings, which they often - like everyone else - think are inexplicable. And not only do they seek an explanation, but they feel welcomed to something that makes sense to them and besides all that, they have the power to share it on social networks, and the internet, that is, they also feel heard. Which brings us to the next topic!

  2. 2. Feeling That You Belong To Some Tribe

    It is not new to anyone that the human being (especially the young human being without many commitments) needs to feel belonging to some group, place, characteristic. The pleasure of feeling within a tribe goes beyond having a group to relate to, but it is part of the exchange of experiences and knowing that there are people who think the same way as you, and that in the end we are all born alone but no one needs go through life like that.

    Millennials have in their personality a courage to bring out what makes them unique, but they also feel the great need to share this since there are ways that they value a lot: social networks! The power to be part of the tribe and to be able to show it to the world, interests millennials very much.

  3. 3. Social Interaction

    In the priority pyramid of millenials, the social interaction part is certainly above many things, and astrology provides this as any other subject that makes other people identify themselves. 

    So, a millennial who likes astrology, in a quick conversation with the uber driver would certainly consider asking the sign and the ascendant to make the trip more interesting.

  4. 4.  Justify Actions And Personality

    Generation Y often tends to be highly judged for being distracted, confused or even lazy. For this reason, there is a great ally of those who love astrology: the ease that one has to blame - practically - everything on their birth chart.

    Anyone who has never heard "I don't just of myself, is that I have Moon in Leo" throws the first stone.

  5. 5. Having Hope For The Future

    A very relevant point for this generation: they are optimistic to the point of knowing that everything in the end changes and that these changes may turn out to be good.

    This topic has a very characteristic point of millennials because they are the generation that is not afraid of change. So for those in this group, who like astrology, it gets stronger and stronger.

    Having hope that in the end, a greater force, which does not depend only on your efforts, is actually a great comforting “hug” from the universe, meaning “the world is not going through a very good phase but its alignment with the planets says that you will have joy next weekend ”and that brings hope.

These topics are just a guess as to why millennials may be more interested in astrology in the past five years, but that doesn't mean much more than that: we -consulted - an - astrologer - to - predict - what - we - would - talk - about - on - these - topics.

Jokes aside, in the end, people believe what they want to believe and that only makes each one more unique and authentic. And amazingly, this article was written by a girl from IGen (lol).


The article above was edited by Clara Suaiden.

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