#5 Reasons To Watch "To All The Boys: Always And Forever"

The third movie in the franchise "To All the Boys: Always and Forever" arrived on February 12th on Netflix and brings the closing story of Lara Jean. The movie shows the journey of Lara Jean in her last year of High School, with several decisions to make and concerns about her relationship with Peter during college.

As in the first two movies, the story is full of cuteness as the protagonist: Lara Jean. So, we've separated some reasons why you need to watch "To All the Boys: Always and Forever"!

  1. 1. The Movie Is Full Of References

    Just like the first movie that brings references from the classic “Sixteen Candles”, the third one brings several references to the classics Hollywood movies such as “Say Anything”, “The Great Lebowski” and several others. The movie manages to pay tribute to the classics and even modernize the scenes we love so much!

  2. 2. The Evolution Of The Characters

    In this last film, Lara Jean is facing a big decision, and we can see how much she has matured a lot throughout the franchise. Lara Jean becomes much more confident and adventurous but continues to maintain her essence of being someone very affectionate, dreamy, and creative.

    In addition to our protagonist, we also see an evolution in her romantic couple with Peter Kavinsky. Much more understanding, Peter always seeks to support Lara Jean's decisions and we can see more of his relationship with his family in this last movie.

    Gen and Chris cannot be left out. The two mature a lot and we see the approximation between them, as well as the approximation of Gen with Lara Jean.

  3. 3. The Scenarios Are Beautiful

    If you love to discover new places, you will love the scenarios and places that this movie brings. The sequence is full of many beautiful tourist spots, which will make you want to know these places. In the movie, we see the Covey sisters traveling to Korea with their father. The journey there presents us with incredible tourist spots to know, and leave us enchanted. We are also introduced to several beautiful places in New York City, and just like Lara Jean, we ended up falling in love with the place.

  4. 4. The Soundtrack

    The soundtrack blends perfectly with Lara Jean's history and sweetness. In the story, Lara Jean and Peter are looking for their music, and together with them, we discovered several incredible songs to add to our playlist!

  5. 5. Lara Jean's Friendships

    The Covey sisters have always been very close, but when Margot goes to college we don't see a lot of all three of them together. However, in ‘To All the Boys 3’there is a trip for the Covey sisters to Korea, and we see how strong their sisterhood is. We also watch a lot of the friendship between Chris, Lara Jean, and Gen. They all are very important to Lara Jean and are always there for her and she needs the most.

  6. 6. Extra Reason: Sweets Throughout The Movie

    As the protagonist of "To All The Boys", loves sweets, which, certainly, could not be missing in the movie, right? In this last movie, we see a lot more sweets than in the first two. During the movie, we can see different types of cupcakes and cakes that made our mouths fill with water.

    Now, just take the popcorn and the sweets, turn on the TV, and watch the ending of this trilogy that is already in our hearts!


The article above was edited by Giullia Cartaxo.

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