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Every true reader knows the polemic opinions behind the use of the Kindle device, and don't let them fool you, all of them have strong opinions about the subject. The use of e-readers started a huge debate in the literary world, which is actually, not that big of a deal. After all, everybody wants the same thing: to read a good book.

People with more traditional opinions will say that they like to feel the paper, smell the book, hold it in their hands and all sorts of physical attributes to be able to enjoy what they are reading. And that's ok, everybody is entitled to an opinion.

However, I am here to convince you that using a Kindle is a way better option. And that if you have the opportunity, you should definitely buy one.

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It is good for the environment

The debate on the excessive use of paper is already well known. The consequences of deforestation and the lack of recycling are one of the most debated topics of this century. If you are used to buying your books second handed, this won't be an issue. However, if you like things to be new and shiny, this might be a problem, a small one, but still a problem. By buying a Kindle, you can upgrade your reading habits and help with the planet´s deforestation.

Additionally, a research made by the Cleantech Group found that “the carbon emissions from electronic books are far lower than traditional book publishing”. This new point of view of an e-reader being environmentally friendly has come to light in different debates and discussions. The debates already drove six big universities in the USA to make textbooks available as ebooks with the propurose of being more sustainable. By buying a Kindle, you are already helping the planet.

It is overall cheaper

The initial price for a Kkindle varies between models. The cheapest model is around R$284 and the most expensive one is around R$1.091 (in march 2021). It all depends on your necessities as a reader.

At first glance the price might seem too expensive. However, in the long run, it is totally worth it. Not only ebook prices are way cheaper than the physical ones, but also Amazon has many different sales and special offers, selling e-books for about R$10 or less.

Furthermore, every Kindle user can pay for the “Kindle Unlimited” account. With only R$20 per month (with the first month for free), you can have access to many books, audiobooks and magazines (including all eight Harry Potter books), and you can borrow up to 10 books at a time.

It makes carrying books around way easier

If you are someone that has to carry a book wherever you go (to read on the bus, on a trip, in the park, etc) there is no better reason for you to invest on the Amazon e-reader.

The most bought Kindle model is the Kindle Paperwhite. It has a 6 inch screen and it's measurements are 169 x 117 x 9,1 mm. Bigger than a smartphone, smaller than an Ipad. Besides, it's so light that it doesn't even make a difference when you put it on your purse or backpack. It 's just perfect for carrying it around.

Additionally, if your Kindle has 2G, it can hold up to 1.100 books. Imagine all the reading you can do with just a light piece of technology!

It has all that a book has and more!

If you are worried that you won´t like reading on the Kindle because you hate reading on your phone, worry no more. The e-reader screen is made to look like a book page, from the light (which is totally adjustable) to the texture of the screen. You won´t even know the difference.

The Kindle also offers some incredible features that you just can't get from books. For example, it has an in-built dictionary where you only have to click on a word and it immediately shows you the different meanings. You can also add to the screen the percentage of how much of the e-book you are reading is left and the minutes left for you to finish each chapter, so you can know your progress. Besides that, you can highlight sentences, mark pages, add notes and share words through emails.

Other cool features include the personalization of the fonts and letter sizes, and the fact that you can read PDFs by only sending them to your Kindle email, which is created when you open a Kindle account.

It has an online bookshop

This might be the best reason why you should buy a Kindle, having an entire online bookshop available straight from your device. You can spend minutes, hours or weeks browsing for the perfect e-book to read, without having to move from the couch.The best thing to have during a pandemic!

The online bookshop is divided into genres and categories ,such as special offers, and best sellers, so it's so much easier to browse through it. Besides, the Amazon store also gives recommendations based on your last readings.

The absolute best part is that you can request a sample of the book before you commit to buying it. It downloads straight to the Kindle, so that people can check if they like the writing style and if it's worth it to actually buy it. The best feature for indecisive readers!

If this doesn't convince you to buy a Kindle, I don't know what will!


The article above was edited by Isadora Noronha Pereira.

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