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#5 New And Different Hobbies For You To Try In May

Staying at home for so long can drain out all the energy of a person for sure. Discouragement, stress and frustration have become recurrent feelings in the daily lives of those who face another year of quarantine. Therefore being productive and even creative to do so has proven to be a real challenge. With that in mind, Her Campus created this article which you will discover five different hobbies to be inspired and take care of yourself during this month.

Self-knowledge is a quest that lasts for a lifetime. A great choice to improve this process is through the practice of new hobbies. In addition to being responsible for keeping the routine active, they significantly improve people's mental health and wellbeing. Research shows that individuals who practice some type of hobby tend to suffer less from psychological illnesses that, unfortunately, are more present than ever in this time of social isolation.

The habit of learning something new increases the horizons of those who practice it. It's possible to exercise customs that have been forgotten and even find new areas of interest. The choice of a new hobby changes from person to person. In the end, it's important for you to choose something meaningful and pleasant to be done. Below you will find a list of hobby suggestions to try every weekend of this month:  

Bullet Journaling

Starting a bullet journal is an incredible way to organize life, understand more about yourself and stay motivated when doing pending tasks. Writing artistically expressing your own ideas and thoughts summarizes very well how a bullet journal works.

You don't have to be a first-class artist to start! This can even be considered as a simple agenda for those who are not so concerned with the decorative part. And for those who appreciate it, there are several photos, videos and tutorials that teach you how to take the first step.


Internal balance is essential due to this difficult phase we are going through. Meditation is the best way to calm down in the face of so many charges, and to improve the concentration that is often interrupted by so many distractions surrounding us at home.

The adaptation of this lifestyle makes the body stronger and more resilient. Besides, Yoga is responsible for improving breath, flexibility and stress relief. Giving a try to 15 minutes of a yoga class without a doubt will leave your body more refreshed and lighter.


If you're not into reading yet, it's time to start it right now! It is an unquestionable fact that art saved many lives during this quarantine and books played an important role in this achievement. For those who love to travel but cannot because of the current scenario, literary works are the perfect way to enter into different worlds from your own home.

There are several bookstagrammers and book clubs that encourage the habit of reading, making sprints (reading in groups) and giving valuable tips on how to start this practice. How about grabbing a forgotten book from your bookshelf and start reading it today? 


Have you ever stopped to think about how beautiful it is to take care of something and watch it grow? Slowly and gradually watching day after day a single seed turns into one of the most beautiful flowers or tasty fruits? For this reason, gardening becomes such an interesting hobby.

From a large garden in your home to a little plant pot in your window, gardening is a unique way to make the air cleaner, relieve daily tension and even improve the environment! Not to mention the benefits of making yourself more patient and responsible, after all you are taking care of something alive. Buying a seed or a baby plant of some vegetable, fruit or flower is a great start for those who like this practice.


Art has the power to inspire and show the inner unique side of each person. A simple piece of paper, a blank canvas or even a wall are enough to show everything you feel through the beautiful act of drawing. Every good artist can say what cannot be expressed in words.

While developing new areas of the brain, this practice allows you to improve creative skills in addition to seeing other points of view and perspectives. Basing yourself on an artist or starting to sketch the first idea that comes to mind are ways to start a new hobby as extraordinary as this one.

These are just a few hobbies to give you a starting point. For those who are just starting, try not to concern yourself too much or compare yourself to others. Remember that everyone has their own time and that it is essential that you respect yours. 

Starting a new hobby requires dedication and self-care so don't be frustrated if you don't get the hang of it at first. Over time you will get used to it and consequently improve your habit. You will also be able to teach and give tips on what you have learned to other people who are starting just as you were! In addition to being able to give you the chance to get to know other different hobbies like you did today.

Each of these five suggested hobbies are perfect to do during quarantine because you can do them alone and in the safety of your home. They will allow you to get out of social isolation healthier and happier with yourself. These ideas can be passed on to people looking for inspiration and even to those who need a break. You can always do these hobbies for the weekends of the following months, until the quarantine ends or for your life in general since, as we saw throughout this article, practicing a hobby is always something pleasant and beneficial for the intellectual construction of each one.  


The article above was edited by Thays Avila

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