5 Natural and Cool Brands To Take Care Of Body And Soul

Taking care of our bodies health and well-being is a gesture of love with ourselves. In most of the cases, it increases our self-steam and bring us more comfort, like we are hugging ourselves.

But some of the products that are commonly used in this treatments are not so beneficial to the nature. Usually, the mainstream cosmetic brands test their products in animals or use materials provenient from them. Besides that, some of the chemicals used in their fabrication are not compatible to the structure of our skin, creating allergies or even making the process of beauty slower. There is still the problem with  the trash produced by the packages. They are mostly made of plastic, which takes a lot of years to be decomposed. 

But not everything is lost! You can still have your beauty care routine as well as maintain a clean conscience using eco-friendly products. Don’t you know any? Relax and check out this list we have made for you with some of the best eco-friendly brands that you can buy.

  1. 1. Love Beauty and Planet

    Recently created by Unilever, Love Beauty and Planet has as its main mission to “make you prettier and take care of our planet with a little more love”, as it’s said in big letters at the brand’s online homepage. Their products are all designed in the most sustainable way possible, trying to reduce pollution and also creating recycled packages, using conditioner formulas that are easily washed to avoid the water waste and also paying taxes on all the carbon footprint they produce. The brand also tries to promote social ecology by buying organic ingredients from producers that provide jobs with a fair salary to the community in which they’re inserted. 

    Besides all that, the products deliver what they promise. Taking the capilar detox shampoo as one good example, made with melaleuca and vetiver oils, is a perfect solution for those who have problems with greasy hair, creating a freshness and cleanness feeling. Another advantage is that they can be bought at drugstores for low prices, which makes them very affordable.

  2. 2. Haskell

    Haskell is a natural cosmetics brand that was created by a woman who saw a need of innovation in the beauty market. She started making products for her own beauty salon, then it started to grow until it get the fame it has now. According to their website, their main concern is to encourage the team work with empathy so they offer courses to employees, stimulating protagonism. Also, the company worries about creating an ecological conscience into their collaborators and giving a sustainable destination to industrial effluent, like fertigation and floor washing. 

    About some products, the Curls memorizer from the Cachos Sim! line is perfect to those who want to define and hydrate curly hair without causing a heavy appearance on then. The hair dyes are also very good, coloring evenly and resulting in brighting colors, very similar to which are shown in the catalogues.

  3. 3. 100% Pure

    If you want to meet a brand that has a big variety of natural cosmetic products, the 100% Pure is for you. Searching rigorously the precedence of ingredients used in the production, the brand presents skin care lines to make up lines using only natural ingredients. Its main value is providing “the purest and healthiest products”, on the same hand as educating people to use more beauty products made the same way. Due to this philosophy, all the processes involved in the products’ manufacturing and testing are cruelty free and the company also have a work with philanthropy projects, donating vegan food to dogs shelter and another one that donates and plant trees. 

    The most acclaimed products are the Coffee Bean Caffeine Eye Cream and the Cocoa butter matte lipsticks, that have a dry layer, but still hydrate the lips. 

  4. 4. The Balm

    With a vintage style, The Balm started through an experience of a makeup lover that made her own beauty products at home and observed that you don’t need much to have an amazing look. The initiative started to grow up with some of  its multifunctional products being known all around the world. The explanation of why this brand is on the list is that all off its products are cruelty free, in other words, none of its products is tested on animals or use material provenient for them. 

    Two of the most famous products are the compact powder Bahama Mama and the highlighters, that are very shiny, pigmented and stick very well to the skin. 

  5. 5. Weleda

    Known for its holistic medicines, the brand Weleda is a pioneer in natural and organic cosmetology. The worldwide known cosmetics brand follows the principles of “supporting people in their personal development, maintenance, promotion and restoration of health, and in their efforts to achieve physical well-being and a balanced lifestyle”. They also have a strong commitment to the nature, from where they get most part of ingredients used in their formulas. Weleda also seek suppliers who farm and obtain their elements in a sustainable way. 

    Some of the most famous beauty products are the pomegranate anti-aging cream and the revitalizing polyanthus cream.