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5 Must Watch Halloween Themed Movies

Boo to you! There’s no date we would like to celebrate more in Brazil than Halloween, agreed? Wear creepy costumes, go out for trick or treat and carve pumpkins would be a dream come true. As it’s not popular in Brazil, watching themed movies is a way to get in the spirit of the spooky season. 

Here’s a list of the ones – scary and not-so-scary – movies you should definitely watch!

5 Must Watch Halloween Movies

1. The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

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Jack Skellington, a.k.a “Pumpkin King”, is the leader of the Halloween Town and leads the citizens in organizing Halloween annual celebrations every year. Desperately searching for something new, he discovers the Christmas Town and gets enchanted by their routine. So he wants to try Christmas in his own world, but things get a little difficult for Jack.

2. The Crow (1994)

Image Source: IMDb

The musician Eric Draven and his fiancée are brutally murdered on Devil’s Night, the night before Halloween – which is also the night before their wedding. A year later, he’s brought back to life by a crow to take revenge of his death on those who committed the murder.

3. Donnie Darko (2001)

Image Source: IMDb

Not so Halloween, but so scary. Donnie Darko is a troubled teenager who has disturbing visions of a monstrous bunny named Frank only he can see and who tells him that the world will end in twenty-eight days. As the date comes closer, a series of events happen that may or may not be a product of Donnie’s mental illness.

4. Hocus Pocus (1993)

Image Source: IMDb

In 1963, three witches, Winifred, Mary and Sarah Sanderson, were executed in Salem for practicing witchcraft. 300 years later, a teenager called Max, his sister Dani and his girlfriend Allison accidentally bring the Sandersons back – and they are ready to scare the whole town on Halloween to try to become immortal.

5. Trick ‘r Treat (2007)

Image Source: IMDb

The movie goes back and forth between four different – and interwoven – stories that occurs on a small city on Halloween night. The outcome of the tales reveals the consequences of not taking seriously some legends, like the one known as Jack ‘O Lantern.

Now you just need to grab some popcorn and enjoy the movies!

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