5 Musical Movies That Everyone Should Watch

Musical films are movie styles that feature narratives based on a sequence of choreographed songs with narratives in parts or most of the story. One of the classic old musical films and the best known by the public is “Singin’ in the Rain” of 1952.

If you are a person that loves to listen to a good song and to watch a good movie, you need to know this five musical movies that I have sure that after watching these films you will want to rewatch them over and over again.

  1. 1. Mamma Mia

    Mamma Mia Poster

    This is a classic musical movie that everybody will like. The story talks about a girl that will marry in an island in Greece. But she cannot enter on church without a father. So she goes back to her mother's’ past and discovers that there are three guys that can be her father. To explain all of this crazy, funny and lovely story, they sing and talk about it with the songs of a big old musical group called ABBA. 

  2. 2. Les Misérables

    Les Misérables Poster

    This film does not has lines, it is only music. For those who really like this kind of thing, this film is perfect. Launched in 2012, it tells the story of an ex-prisoner persecuted for decades by a police officer for violating his conditional freedom in a chaotic period in France in the 19th century.  Les Miserables was based on Victor Hugo’s book.

  3. 3. Burlesque

    Burlesque Poster

    Burlesque tells the story of a girl who decides to drop everything and pursue her dream in Los Angeles. What she could not imagine is that from a simple role as a waitress in a majestic theater, she would become the musical star of very night. To complement and make this film more incredible, Christina Aguilera and Cher are the big stars.

  4. 4. Hairspray

    Hairspray Poster

    Going back in time, Hairspray is a musical film created in 2007 that tells the story of a girl who loves to dance and sings. Her biggest dream is to participate of the Corny Collins Show, her favorite television program. For her lucky, she has an opportunity to participate of the show and when she least expected, wins the hearts of the audience, the presenter and one of the participants of the show.  

  5. 5. Grease

    Going back even further in time, specifically in the days of brilliance, the film Grease tells the story of a couple who fell in love during the summer holidays and who in the end had to separate and go back to their own reality. When classes return, to their surprise, they discover that they are studying at the same institution.


The article above was edited by Mel Trench. 

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