5 Influencers Who Will Make You Love Astrology Even More

Whether you are a fan or not, there is no one who has never looked at a horoscope. They’re are everywhere, at journals, magazines and, especially, on social media.

Astrology, tough, has much more to offer.  If you are a believer, you probably already know it. If you are not, well, you’re missing out a lot. In whichever category you may belong, here are some nice Instagram characters to inspire you to live a more astrological life.  

  1. 1. Jessica Lanyadoo

    For the beginners, that is a pretty good way to enter the astrological world. In her account, Jessica uses fun images and even memes to explain astrology. Entertaining is the word to describe it. She has got even a podcast of her own, in which you will find your daily horoscope and some advice. You won’t want to lose it.  

  2. 2. Larissa Bedran

    If you want to learn more about planets, Larissa is the one you turn to. She has the sweetest Instagram feed, entire candy colorish, in which she talks about the movement of the planets, Sun and the Moon, and the influence it has in people’s lives. There you will learn when to make changes, when to dedicate to a relationship, when to focus on spirituality, all according to celestial bodies. It’s like a free guide to your own life! There’s no way to refuse it.


  3. 3. Duda Rodrigues

    Duda might be young, but she surely knows a lot about astrology. Her pictures are always joined by a great text. They often enunciate and explain the beginning of an astrological period, Retrograde Mercury for example, or just share a nice message. If you are a fan of photography, Duda’s profile is also a great inspiration. Some of the most beautiful Instagram pics are definitely here!


  4. 5. Isabella Mezzadri

    Last but not least, there is Isabella Mezzadri. At first sight, she might seem like a usual influencer, with usual posts of looks and trips. The secret, tough, is to look at her highlights. There are tons of information on astrology, all explained from top to bottom. If you want to know more about Isabella, you can do it by watching her Youtube channel. I bet you will fall immediately.  

After all these suggestions, you should be willing to give astrology a chance. Go for it! I swear you won’t regret it.