5 Homemade Gifts For A Mother’s Day in Quarantine

It’s already May and the Mother’s Day is coming, but the quarantine isn’t over yet and we can’t go out to buy gifts, because all the commerce is closed to protect our and other people's health. Buying things online can be an option, but, if you don’t have too much money, it may be difficult to pay high delivery prices. So, if you’re in this situation, just don’t panic: we have the solution to assure that you will have a present to give to your mom during the quarantine!

  1. 1. Breakfast in bed

    What about switching roles with your mom and waking up earlier than her to prepare an special breakfast in bed to her? You can make some pancakes to eat with butter or honey. Other options are making toasts to eat with jam and cream cheese, or making sandwiches with ham, cheese, salami or whatever she likes.

    During the week, try to observe what your mother loves the most to take with the food in breakfast, then make coffee, tea, juice - what she prefers -, put in pretty cups or mugs and take it to her in a tray. We swear she will love to be awake this way!

  2. 2. Make a card or a letter!

    This will may sound cliché, but putting your emotions in a card or a letter is always a good option! Moms usually love reading or hearing about our emotions and about their importance in our lives! 

    And it doesn’t need to be an obvious card, you can try to catch some ideas on Pinterest or YouTube to make one that represents your mother’s energy! If your mom has a funny kind, it can be a card with some pop references or intern jokes; if she is more sensitive, you can make a card with some pics of your best moments; and, if she likes literature, create a poetic card.

    You can also make something more decorated, if you have talent for crafts. Decorate the gift with some drawings, origamis or make it in a different format. Also, if you are a master in digital design, you can create something in your computer and print! Anyway, we think she will feel special!

  3. 3. Make an embroidered frame

    If you are good at handcrafts, why not make an embroidered frame? Pick an embroidery frame, choose a pretty drawing or some phrase, draw it in the fabric and start embroidering! There are a lot of tutorials to make the most beautiful drawings. We swear your mom will love and it also will be such a therapy and a good way to occupy your time during quarantine

  4. 4. Make an playlist with your favorite songs!

    Here is a gift to those moms and daughters that have been separated by the pandemic! You can make a playlist in Spotify or in YouTube with your favorite songs or songs that bring up some good memories of you together! Then, both of you will feel closer when listening to them! 

  5. 5. Sing a song to her!

    Another tip to those that are distant and have some abilities with music is to make a call with your mom and sing her favorite song to her!

    If you know how to play some instrument, use it to make the sound more acoustic! Also prepare a space in your house and use a pretty clothing to make it feel that you are making a particular show to her! We are sure she will feel very special!


The article above was edited by Helena Cardoso

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