5 Female Illustrators Worth Following On Instagram

Feel like you need a bit of art, a bit of color on your feed? Well, we got you! We love supporting our fellow artists, so here are a few profiles worth checking out on Instagram:

  1. 1. Bruna Romero (@brunafrog)

    Bruna’s profile is a mix of her illustrations and personal photos and she states on her profile that it’s possible to put words, drawings and feeling on a blank page. She uses mostly pastel colors in her art and even in her photos she adds drawings, which maintains the cute aesthetic of her feed.

    On her stories, she usually gives her followers advice and one of her highlights is called “advice of the day”. Bruna also sells stamped t-shirts with her art on her website.

  2. 2. Ana Ribeiro (@anaillustra)

    The illustrator and Design student collects on her feed a series of fine line sketches. Her art features, mostly, portraits of women in black and white. She uses color in a few of her drawings, but always restrained by one hue. Once in a while she draws digital influencers, like Jade Seba and Bruna Vieira.

  3. 3. Georgia Ayrosa (@georgiadesenha)

    She studies journalism at Casper Líbero and in her profile, she shares black and white illustrations featuring a few colors, which creates a contrast between the styles. After looking at some of her posts you feel like you could recognize her artistic style anywhere! Georgia has another project called “Gente Pacata” (@gentepacata) in which she gives a face to ordinary people while her friend Ivana Guimarães gives them a story.

  4. 4. Ravenna Alencar (@ravenna)

    From Fortaleza, Ceará, this artist has a joyful and colorful profile. Her illustrations have an unique style, they’re all motivational quotes, some talk about self love, others tell jokes, but always using lettering techniques. She also makes commissions, all you have to do is email her ([email protected])

  5. 5. Bianca (@blvnk.art and @potterbyblvnk)

    Bianca gained popularity on Tumblr a few years ago with her Harry Potter sketches, which she draws on a daily basis for fun and as a way to improve her skills. Her “potter” instagram displays a series of black and white comics featuring the characters in scenarios created by the artist herself. And her “miscellaneous” features her more abstract art and her takes on other fandoms. You can support her on ko-fi.