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#5 Fashion Trends That Made a Comeback in Recent Years

Have you ever worn an outfit and your mama said: “Oh, I used to wear that when I was young! It was a fever in my time!”. It happens because, according to the article “Fashion And Time: Between The Trends And Rereading” (DIAS, Camila Carmona, 2015), fashion “has a link with the linearity of time, however, it also has a connection with the circularity, being that it ‘walks’ between the two concepts and that way they complement each other, as most trends are interpretations of past times, but at the same time reflect ideals of the present day.”

This aspect can also be related to the phenomenon of the “precocious nostalgia”, described by Karina Celli, style coordinator of the online newspaper Nova Época, as being the propensity to feel nostalgic for certain times in cycles of 20, 30 or 40 years and start wearing things that were a trend in those ages. It’s caused by the necessity of the mass market to turn around and bring up new things and awaken the desire for consumption in people.

Knowing this, we gather here five fashion trends that have made a comeback in those few years! Check it out!

Tie Dye

A trend that came back very strongly this year was the Tie Dye. Everywhere, in every shop window you found a piece of clothing painted this way, even though it is an accessory.

This trend was based on a japanese technique developed between the VI and VIII centuries called shibori that became popular in the way it is now in the 60’s and 70’s, because it was used by almost the entire hippie community. At this time it was used as a symbol of freedom. 

In the 90’s it was rescued by the clubbers because of its abundance of colors, perfect for their clubhouse lifestyle. Nowadays the trend is back because people decided to use their freetime in quarantine to customize their clothes, and the technique of tying up and dyeing the clothes in a lot of different colors was an easy way of doing it.

The 90’s Are Back

Yes, the 90’s style is back and the Rachel Green-style clothes are becoming more and more part of our everyday routine.

Dresses over blouses, plaid print and jeans overalls are some of the elements that compose the 90’s looks and are present in the famous brands campaigns this year. 

The 90’s fashion is marked by a mix of traditional elements with lush others to show boldness and extravagance, without leaving the refinement out. There were set up monochromatic looks with accessories that broke the seriousness and gave an extra touch to the composition.

Sandals And Socks

Yes, it’s real! You didn’t read wrong! One of the trends that have made a big comeback this year is wearing sandals and socks!

One of the most well-known trends from the 80’s is using plastic sandals with colorful or printed socks. At the time, the use of high heels with these socks was also blooming and helped to compose stylish and cool looks when combined with neon clothes and a voluminous hair, like the clothes Katy Perry wears in the Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F) video.

Now this trend is being followed by people of different styles in very different ways. People that like the irreverent aesthetic are using shin socks and slide flip flops; those that prefer a more alternative or pastel goth style can use knee socks or regular socks with mary-jane heels or tractored heels sandals, and there are those who prefer to use it in a similar way to the 80’s.


Another trend right from the 80’s are the Bodies! 

The fashion in this age had a lot of influence from fitness wear and the body was one of the elements from it that were adopted by the fashion brands, at the same time as the leg warmers.

This second element didn’t come back with as much force as the bodies, which are very versatile and can be worn in lots of different situations and in different styles. They are this unique piece of cloth that can make the difference in your look and turn it from a basic everyday look to a cool stylish look.


Another tendency that came back from the 90’s is wearing clogs. Remember those shoes that Phoebe Buffay from Friends used to wear? Yeah, they are back to make your look totally unique. The clogs have a lot of style variations, from the classic ones, Marylin Monroe style room clogs, to those folk ones like the picture above. 

Will you become a fan of them?


The article above was edited by Anna Bastos.

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