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Fall is just around the corner, which means it’s time for some changes in both your wardrobe and style. If you’re tired of your same old nails or can’t stand anymore the pastel colors, we found a few nail trends for you to try during quarantine – or during this autumnal time of the year. 

The new season is here and so is the new you! Come check these trends out.

Let’s get dotty

One of the easiest nail arts you’ll ever try: the polka dots. During fall time, pick a few neutral colors, such as nude, red or black to contrast with your base color. You’ll only need a toothpick of some sort and voilá: keep adding dots after dots and you’ll have an easy (but very elegant!) nail art.

The good old red

I think we can all agree that red is everyone’s color, right? Well, so be sure to try to use more of it as possible! With the amount of red shades out there, I’m sure you’ll find one that really suits you. And be prepared to get your nails kinda pinkish when you remove it: it does stain a bit, but it’s absolutely worth it, from start to finish. 

Long and almond

Now, if you’re in the long nails team, be sure to try the almond shape. And yes, you can also try a bunch of nail art on top of it, since it’s very long and you won’t be worried about space. Make sure to file your nails very well so they won’t stick to every surface.

The half moon nails

If you’re feeling a bit more fancy, go ahead and give the half moon nails a try! You know that little mark we all have in the bottom of our nails? Well, it’s now stylish to nail art that too! Pick two colors and draw half a circle to the bottom of your nail after you apply your base color. And there you go: a very different nail art to rock this time of the year.

That’s right: simple nude nails!

Are you already bored of nail art? Don’t worry! You know what goes really well with fall and winter? Simple, yet elegant, nude colored nails. And don’t be scared to try the many types of nude nail polishes out there! A pinkish one, a more purplish tone… I can guarantee you’ll love your nails just as they are!


The article above was edited by Gabriela Sartorato.  

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