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The pandemic increased the popularity of reality shows. The cooking reality shows, especially, have thrived on major streaming platforms. Combining entertainment and a great culinary, this shows offer a delightful escape for who enjoys both. So, here are 5 cooking reality shows for you to dive into and have fun!

Master Chef

Perhaps the most famous on this list, we couldn’t leave it out. The show is presented by three experienced chefs who judge the dishes made by the participants under tight time constraints. There are several challenges, but it’s a light-hearted show to binge-watch and savor the dishes (on TV, of course).

Cake Boss

In this reality show starring Buddy Valastro‘s family and his employees, viewers get a close look at the Carlos’ Bakery as it grows and faces the challenges of creating sculptural cakes for events. The series was launched in 2009 and has fourteen seasons, a real marathon. Currently, there are four spin-offs of the reality, including Next Great Baker, Kitchen Boss, Bake You Rich, and Bakery Boss.

Sugar Rush

This reality show, available on Netflix since 2018, consists of three seasons in which celebrity guests form six teams and race against the clock to create incredible, innovative, and challenging sweets. Each challenge has a different theme. They are judged by two renowned pastry chefs, Candace Nelson and Adriano Zumbo.

Iron Chef: Brazil

Also available on Netflix, this cooking reality show is hosted by Fernanda Souza and Andressa Cabral. Up-and-coming chefs compete against the best chefs in Brazil. They must present dishes that tell their stories and are delicious, at the same time. Uff, a real challenge. There are eight episodes that fly by! It’s worth noting that this reality show also has versions in other regions of the world, including USA, Mexico, UK, Thailand, and many more.

The Final Table

In The Final Table, teams of chefs compete to impress some of the most demanding palates in the world, preparing dishes from nine different countries in this celebrity-filled showdown. Judges determining the fate of the competitors include chefs, actors, athletes, food critics, and other celebrities from their respective countries. It’s a reality show with a slightly different concept from the others, providing high-quality entertainment for viewers.

So, whether you’re a culinary enthusiast or simply in search for an engaging TV show to binge-watch, these ones are sure to satisfy your cravings for entertainment and are a taste of the incredible culinary world.


This article was edited by Giulia Howard.

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