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#5 Casperianos That Are Making A Huge Success With Instagram Content

If you are at college, you probably follow a lot of content productor at the social media. But have you ever thought about support locals that are making a good content on those apps? In order to help you to find more college people that make a good content on social media, here are some accounts from Casper Libero that you must follow: 

 Universiotárias (@universi_otarias) | Survival guide for students in crisis

Seriously, every student has probably wanted adult life to bring an instruction manual, right? With this in mind, Fernanda Valente, Helena Cardoso, Helena Leite and Maria Laura Saraiva decided to create Universiotárias, an Instagram profile dedicated to producing entertainment and survival journalism for university students in crisis! 

With visual features posted in photo carousel, interviews with guests, journalistic apuration, stories’ polls, weekly lives and video tutorials (of “what to eat without spending too much time and money” and “how to sew torn clothing”, for example), these four ~almost~ journalists try to make life easier for newcomers to the adult world. 

In their profile, you can find content about culture, handmade lifestyle, practical gastronomy, cheap fashion and homemade beauty, everything designed in a cute, modern and aesthetic form that are attractive and super informative!

Estanterismos (@estanterismos) | Instagram as a book shelf

If you love reading, you need to follow João Malafaia’s Instagram profile right now! This 20-year-old Journalism student - who was “alphabetized with Monica’s Gang and graduated at school with Machado de Assis”, how he describes himself - started sharing his recent and favorite readings on social networks during this pandemic.

Tired of traveling alone through the magical universes he found in his books, João decided to use the platform to publish reviews, critics and suggestions of books with different styles, genres, sizes and nationalities, to read at every moment and everyday situation. In his profile, he proves that reconciling academic life, internship and reading don’t need to be an impossible task!

Dispolitical (@dispolitical) | Women uncomplicating policy

Who said that policy needs to be difficult to understand and restricted to a small group that is able to interpret the news of the area? This profile came to prove that Journalism can be used not only to inform people, but to teach and DEMOCRATIZAR themes that are socially seen as taboos!

In @dispolitical, you'll find fast explanations about the hottest events in national and international policy, interviews, explanatory videos and suggestions of movies and documentaries that will help you to learn more about the world's political situation! In addition to their Instagram feed, they have a website, in which longer and more in-depth articles on the topic are published.

Izabel Gimenez (@izxbxl) | Self love and body freedom

“Self love isn’t selfishness”: this is the phrase that Bel uses to describe her profile right in the bio - and that resumes perfectly the vibe of her content! Izabel is a Journalism student and one of the beauty reporters in Capricho and, since the pandemic, she decided to encourage herself to break barriers of distance and beauty standards and talk about self-love and free body.

In her profile, you’ll find visual and textual features with questions about beauty patterns, comments on physical and mental health, cozy and encouraging phrases, in addition to inspiration depositions of her own battle to accept and free her body from standards. We’re certain that her contents will inspire you to treat your body with more affection.


The LAB @lifeatlab | Entertainment news that a college student must know

“An experiment of entertainment, music, sports, fashion an lifestyle”, this is how the girls from The Lab describes the account. And the description couldn’t be more right. At the Instagram, they update the followers about everything that’s new in those 5 area, bringing everything that a college must know about those topics. 


The article above was edited by Helena Leite

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