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#5 Careers You Can Follow In Fashion Besides Being A Stylist

When you think about clothes being made and delivered to the store, you automatically think about the stylist behind it right? But guess what, there many other ways you can get into the fashion business. These are some of them.

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You might think the only designer job in fashion consists on creating the idea of a piece of clothing but it can actually go other ways. 

Graphic Designer: 
The combination of drawing, creativity, and technology makes this a very important job that creates images for countless shirts and other garments. Did you know your favorite band t-shirt was made by a graphic designer?

Textile Designer:
All the prints and colorful fabric we see in the runways and streets are illustrated by the textile designers. Most of them work closely with fashion designers to make their drawings come to life with custom pieces or department store items.

Production manager

This is the person responsible for overseeing the manufacturing process, including cutting, sewing, the final appearance of the piece, and even packaging. It is a well-paid job that requires a lot of leadership, organization, and a love for clothes.

Retail buyer

Retail buyers are the ones that choose the products available for customers in retail and department stores. They must know the market demands, the current trends, and also the customer’s shopping habits and profile to make decisions that are relevant and profitable for their company.

Account manager

Companies use account managers to sell their products to other stores and businesses. It is important to build a relationship with the partners and be very good at promoting the products that are put out. The networking this position offers can be very rewarding and put you where you want to be sooner than you would expect!

Fashion writer

Who never dreamed of being the real-life Miranda Priestly? Well, a fashion writer doesn’t always get to be the top editor of a magazine but with today´s technology, fashion blogs are a big trend that could get your foot inside a big magazine to produce editorials and written pieces to its website.

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