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5 Brazilian LGBTQIAPN+ literature recommendations

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

June is LGBTQIAPN+ Pride Month, and to celebrate, we’ve put together a selection of Brazilian books full of representation, romance, and plenty of drama. Dive into these stories to meet new characters and fall in love with their journeys and relationships.

1. O amor não é óbvio, by Elayne Baeta

This book is about Iris, a 17-year-old teenager who loves soap operas, especially “Amor em Atos”. She and her 68-year-old neighbor, Dona Símia, are close friends and never miss an episode. At school, it seems like everyone is only thinking about two things: the prom and losing their virginity. But Iris’ life is about to change: Cadu Sena, her platonic crush since eighth grade, is finally single.

She thinks now it’s her shot, but before that, she needs to understand why Cadu’s girlfriend left him for a girl named Édra Norr. Riding her bicycle, Iris crosses São Patrique to uncover everything about Édra, and it won’t take long before she also becomes entangled in the girl’s charms. We might think we know who we’re going to fall in love with, but love isn’t obvious.

2. Enquanto eu não te encontro, by Pedro Rhuas

Life has been good to Lucas. He passed the Enem (Exame Nacional do Ensino Médio) and now studies advertising. He also moved in with Eric, his best friend, from the countryside of Rio Grande do Norte to the capital, and finally achieved his long-awaited freedom. But when it comes to love, Lucas is a disaster. The biggest Katy Perry fan in the Brazilian Northeast is convinced that not even all the luck in the world could make him fall in love for the first time.

Until one Saturday night in 2015, everything changes. When Lucas and Eric attend the opening of the Titanic, the city’s newest nightclub, Lucas literally bumps into Pierre, a handsome French boy who seems to have stepped out of his dreams. Between drinks, secrets, and shared dreams, Lucas and Pierre connect instantly. They experience the most special encounter of their lives, but the Universe has other plans for the future… Until the end of the night, what will happen to them.

3. Um milhão de finais felizes, by Vitor Martins

Jonas isn’t quite sure what to do with his life. Between his readings and ideas for books scribbled in a pocket notebook, he juggles shifts at Rocket Café while learning how to deal to the conservatism of his parents. His mother holds out hope that he’ll return to church, and his father does little for him besides causing trouble.

But it’s when he meets Arthur, a handsome, red-bearded boy, that Jonas begins to question how long he can live under his parents’ expectations, pretending to be someone he’s not. Seeking comfort in his friends (and in his story about two handsome pirates who bear a striking resemblance to himself and Arthur), Jonas will come to understand the true meaning of family and friendship, discovering the power of a good story.

4. Conectadas, by Clara Alves

Raíssa and Ayla met while playing Feéricos, one of the most popular games of the moment, and haven’t been apart since – at least not virtually. Ayla feels that with Raíssa, she can finally be herself. Raíssa, in turn, finds in Ayla a connection she has never had with anyone else. There’s just one “small” problem: Raíssa plays with a male avatar, so Ayla doesn’t know she’s talking to another girl.

The more they get involved, the more guilt Raíssa feels. But she’s not ready to come out – let alone lose the girl she loves. So, she just keeps the lie going… After all, what are the chances of the two meeting in person, living in different cities? Quite high, since the first Feéricos fair in São Paulo has been announced, the perfect event for this meeting to happen.

The real question is: In a weekend filled with cosplays, confidences, and broken hearts, will this online romance survive in real life?

5. A gente se vê na parada, by Abdi Nazemian, Ariel F. Hitz, Arquelana, Mariana Chazanas, Pedro Rhuas e Ryane Leão

What do Azad, Milena, Nicolas, Íris, Odara, and Romário have in common? They are all in São Paulo on the most colorful day of the year. By the force of destiny, the six will pass through Avenida Paulista on June 11th, where they will experience the most transformative moments of their lives.

In six touching tales, the authors of the book tell stories that celebrate the numerous forms of love and the multiple encounters of the queer community during the world’s largest LGBTQIAP+ Pride Parade.

These books are full of references to Brazilian culture, besides being enchanting and romantic. Each story is filled with details and the characters are very relatable. Read them and you won’t regret it!


The article above was edited by Ana Carolina Micheletti

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