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5 Beauty Highlights This Season’s SPFW Presented

The 45° edition of São Paulo Fashion Week happened from 21 to 26 of April at Ibirapuera Park in Pavilhão das Culturas Brasileiras, and a few other locations around the city. The event was inspired by and it honored Conrado Segreto, a Brazilian fashion icon that had a brief but magnificent career in the 80’s and in the beginning of the 90’s.

The event is always a huge “trend maker”, not only on the fashion aspect but also beauty in general: types of hairstyles and makeup that most likely will be a huge hit on the following months.

Knowing that, we collected the most popular beauty trends that our favorite brands and artists are now loving and betting for the next season.

1. Natural Eyebrown Look

Image Source: Marcelo Soubhia/FOTOSITE

Many brands, including Modem, Osklen, Samuel Cirnansck and Cotton Project, portrayed natural looking eyebrow looks on their shows. The intention is to praise and accept unplugged eyebrows: the eyebrow hairs are lifted up with some brow mascara to create a messy and cool look.

2. Inner Eye Corner Glow

Image Source: FOTOSITE

A trend for the next season is to highlight the inner corner of the eyes. At SPFW, brands opted for crystals (glued to the skin) to complete the eye look. Highlighting the inner corner accentuates the eyes and it is a brightening technique among makeup artists, to enrich the eyes and make the makeup look more interesting and vibrant.

3. Sleek Hair

Água de Coco Fashion Show | Image Source: Francisco Cepeda/AG News

Another huge trend is the sleek hair look, a style that makes straight hair look tidy, silky and shiny. The trend is already a must for a few of our favorite models, including Bella Hadid and Kendall Jenner, and the look can be used in a hair bun, a ponytail or loose hair. The brand Água de Coco really opted for the look, which was present in most models and even on Anitta, who performed at the fashion show.

4. Glossy Eyes

Image Source: David Mazzo

This trend consists on applying eye shadow + gloss to the eyelids to create a fun and vibrant look, so the contrast with the natural skin creates a modern style. The most used colors for this look were blue, pink, lavender and green, finalizing the look with some mascara on the eye lashes.

If you want to recreate this look, make sure to check out Nataly Neri’s tutorial on Youtube on how to get the perfect glossy eyes look!

5. Sun Kissed Look

Image Source: Sergio Caddah/FOTOSITE

The brand Salinas, opted for a natural “sun burnt” look, using a blush not only on the cheeks but also on top of the nose, to create a fresh and summery look! This is a technique used for many makeup artists, some even use lipstick instead of blush to create the look, that tends to be a huge hit for the next season!

Brands at the SPFW opted for more natural looks on the models, and are betting on it for the next season! In February, the New York Fashion Week also opted for the natural look, it seems like the “no makeup look” is definitely on trend. What is your favorite trend from this season’s SPFW?

Carolina Grassmann is an Editorial Intern at HerCampus.com, and the Editor-In-Chief and Events Director of Her Campus Cásper Líbero. She's majoring in journalism, and has been involved with HC since her first year of college, as a writer and reporter. When she's not writing, she's most likely listening to Taylor Swift's songs over and over again.
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