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You may have noticed the increasing number of apps that are used for a number of things. Fortunately, we can rely on these apps to help us out with different tasks. We all know that there are many amazing apps out there that are still unknown but can definitely change your lifestyle. So let’s take a look at this list of a few apps that no one knows, but has to!

Quality Time

We can all agree that nowadays most of the people are addicted to their cellphones and if you’re feeling like you’re also getting too attached, don’t worry. This app promises to make you less dependent. Quality Time controls how much time you spend on your phone with automatic alerts which rings you when you spend too much time on social media. It’s a really smart way to stop procrastinating with apps that are not that relevant.


If you love plants but don’t know how to take care of them, this app is perfect for you! Some apps promise to “babysit” your plants, but Vera has a minimalistic design that makes it easier to use on a daily basis. You can give your plants names, create routines for each plant and you’ll even get reminders to water your plant or change its vase so you don’t forget. It also measures the growth of each plant and gives special tips. Isn’t that neat?

Your Closet

This is the dream app for whoever’s into fashion or used to watch Polly Pocket as a child. With Your Closet, you can add all your clothes by taking pictures of them and organizing them by categories and colors. No more wasting time in the mornings worrying about your outfit, or wondering why you only use 5 shirts while you keep 15 in the closet! It also saves your time by letting you try on outfits without having to actually put them on!


With Noisli you can choose sounds that will help you concentrate on your activities during the day. There are soundtracks to listen to while working and studying that can help you focus, and even some tracks to chill out during your free time. You can also personalize and mix the sounds that you like the most. After all, who wouldn’t want to listen to a soft river flow combined with the sound of a crackling fire log while hearing some relaxing songs when you are doing some boring assignments? (at least you can pretend you are doing them in the forest)


This one is really useful if you have that pile of old photos or videos in your house’s attic and would like to bring those rusty pictures back to life. Remini works by Artificial Intelligence and can solve all kinds of problems, such as low-definition, blur, red-eye, and even image processing functions like awesome portraits, paintings, and a winking effect. You can truly turn old rusty photos into beloved treasures once again.


The article above was edited by Thays Ávila.

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