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4 Unconventional Ways to Wear a Scarf

Picture those cold days when we all we need to keep us warm all day long is coffee and a big, charming scarf. Snow is falling outside and the heater is working at its best. Kids are making snow angels outside and one or two snow ball fights are happening around the neighborhood. You put on your winter jacket and enroll your favorite scarf around your neck and leave the house, stylish and warm. Perfect scenario, isn’t it?

Well, Brazilians can’t really tell their experiences with cold weather: we live in a tropical country where the temperature barely ever gets below 15C. Heat is our long term friend. Either best friend, or that one annoying friend. Truth be told: warm weather is great during vacations, but in the daily life we all come to a point when we can’t deal with it anymore.

Probably the worst part is having to leave our glorious winter clothes well hidden in the drawer. Scarves? What are scarves? How are we even supposed to use them when the weather is above 25C every single day?

  1. Use it as a belt.

Yes, you’ve read that right! It works perfectly fine wrapping it in around hips rather than your neck. It not only adds up to your look, giving you that one stylish touch, but also saves you precious time and money. You can make a bow tie or wrap it as your preference.


  1. Bun holder it is.

Buns are life saviors when we’re out of time. Adding your scarf will make it look way more sophisticated and leave people thinking you’ve really worked on your hair, when in reality all you it took was two minutes.


  1. The “under the belt” look

Another chic and effortless way to unconventionally take your friend out of the bottom of the drawer is to use it “under the belt”. It’s self-explanatory: with a shirt on, put your scarf on leaving it loose and complete the look with a belt. It’s a winner for the not-so-cold-not-so-hot days.

  1. The Gypsy Look

Rather than tying it all around your head, leave a part of the fabric loose around one of the sides of your head. Not only will it have a very summer feeling but will also you the edgier look you’ve been looking for.

Tip: wearing sunglasses makes a winner combo!

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