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#4 Reasons On Why You Should Keep a Journal

The well being of a person is an item of the utmost importance. Feeling good regarding the mind and the heart is the way to go. To achieve that each person has their own method, which fits better and has a more effective result.

A popular one is keeping a journal, which is almost like a diary where people can write their inner thoughts, feelings, problems, situations, scenarios and much more. Basically is writing down everything you want to get out of your chest and also practice a little of your lettering.

Here are 4 reasons why to keep a journal:

Emotional Well Being

As said before, when writing down feelings and other personal things, the weight is passed on. As the process flows, some insights start coming up, things that you might not even have thought about before that can actually help whatever it is you are feeling.

It is also a way to perceive things you didn’t even know that were bothering you. Letting go – almost physically- of all bad sensations and emotions, leads to better understanding and self-knowledge.

Self Awareness

Writing about random subjects is a piece of cake when compared to writing about yourself. Reading about your own feelings and thoughts can be a painful exercise, but it can also manage a bigger knowledge about who is writing.

A popular opinion is that everything is easier to visualize when it’s already done or at least is half way there rather than just picturing something out of somebody’s speech. The same goes to journaling. When meeting eye to eye to your handwriting saying all those things about your own life, things you never knew were there, start coming up to the surface, helping you deal better and comprehend yourself.


A journal is meant for whatever reason, and writing down goals can be one of them. This can provide a better view of what you have to do to achieve all your dreams and also give you the push you needed to start making them come true.

Improve Your Writing Skills!

While journaling becomes a habit in your life, so does writing. Everything done often and in a proper way, eventually gets better. Writing on a regular basis, develop this skill to a higher level than the one you started off. This also leads to an improvement of communication in general, since you have to keep your line of thought clear and organized in writing and in speech.



The article above was edited by Laura Enchioglo

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