4 New Bars For You To Visit in São Paulo

Welcome to São Paulo. The city that never sleeps, is full of attitude and attractions on all sides. People who have unique styles circulate around the capital. Maybe you're visiting the city or just want to innovate at happy hour, well that does not matter. Here you will find new bars and pubs of all styles. Choose one and have a good hangover.

1. Oh Freguês

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Oh Freguês opened the doors in February in the North Zone. Located in the Largo da Matriz, the house decoration was inspired on hostels and has ground floor, upper and rooftop. The sound mixes Brazilian electronic and samba. For eating and drinking, snack options for boteco, cold chopp, long necks, varied and classic drinks in the tropical style.

Address: Largo da Matriz de Nossa Senhora do Ó, 145 - Freguesia do Ó

2. Vino! Pub

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Bar Vino! opened the doors in Pinheiros with good music, nice atmosphere, outdoor deck and wine glass options for an affordable price. In the gastronomic menu, suggestions of sandwiches and selection of sausages.

Address: Fradique Coutinho Street, 47 – Pinheiros

3. EStônia

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The EStônia bar is a good find in the basement of Ramona, a restaurant in the center of São Paulo. Focused on drinks and with an ambience that almost boils down to an extensive wooden bench, the ambient soundtrack is classic rock. To eat, there is nothing too structured, just portions of cold cuts.  

Address: São Luís Avenue, 282 – Downtown

4. Subsolo 27

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Downstairs of Metrópole Gallery, there is the agitated Underground 27, that opens on Thursdays and Fridays. The bar, which also defines itself as a nightclub, has a dance floor, parties with DJs, menu of classic drinks, some food and tables and chairs. The place is perfect for people who like nightclubs that offers comfort.  

AddressSão Luís Avenue, 187 – República

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Geez, there are so many bars and a lot options in São Paulo! hope this list has helped you find a new place for your happy hour with friends or maybe a date.