4 Funny Tips to Improve Your English Skills

There's always time to improve our talent with some different language than ours, but, with all things we have to do to college, work or even home, we forget about this and when the time comes we can't remember how to write or how to speak such words.

Because of it, we separated 4 funny tips to help you enrich your knowledge. Here we go!

1. Listen to music

You may not know, but when you are listen to some music in another idiom, unwittingly you are learning things! And, if you pay attention you're gonna see that "steal" is pronounced differently of "steel", for example. Beyond this, you will always be up to date of what song is the boom of the moment

2. Read

I bet that almost every book you have read is written in your language, am I right? What about start something new in your life and improve your foreigner language, reading? You can start with some story that you already read! It can make the reading effortless and simple

3. Watch movies and series with no subtitles

Netflix... What a paradise! It only get better with some popcorn, a lot of chocolate, rain and many blankets! Oh, and time, because being a college student is hard.

But, when you have time, what about watch your favorite movie or the new episode of HTGAWM, for example, without subtitles? It surely will teach you more than you imagine. You're gonna improve your listening and your vocabulary doing something that makes you happy!

4. Text your friends in another language

I know that study and work almost always become our priorities, so, I imagine that you may have no time to do all of those tips you've read before. But, this tip you can follow whenever you want.

All you need is someone that speaks it or is learning the same idiom as you. And, if you dont know anybody, it's an opportunity to meet new people. Text, forces you think, write and read in another language, besides it's something that we're always doing and it's a teach-learn thing.