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4 Fashion trends from the 1960s that are making a comeback today!

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It’s no secret that the iconic styles of the ‘60s clothes continue to be captivating. Psychedelic prints, multicolored pieces, and vibrant tones were the expressions of a generation seeking freedom through fashion.

Culturally, we know that this was a time of transition. Full of artistic expressions and marked by social reform. The Women’s Liberation Movement, for example, was responsible for challenging and changing some of the stigmas, such as the popularization of suits, a unisex style, and the possibility of wearing pieces that emphasized individuality and comfort.

Some ‘60s trends are back with a vengeance to stay, showcasing fashion’s timeless cycle. Here are the four hottest trends making a comeback! 


These straight, more fitted shape dresses and wider hems are back in vogue! Once bold and colorful, they now boast cleaner, minimalist designs. Gray is a top choice, easier to combine with colorful bags and striking accessories. Also known as the babydoll dress, this piece was a symbol of rebellion for the young women, it was like a rejection of the sculpted styles that were popular in the ‘50s. You go, girl!


Who doesn’t love a look with tights for cooler days, right? It seems to be the perfect complement to look more stylish and comfortable.

The intention now is to make pantyhose the protagonist, vibrant colors, such as red, seem to add a flair to any outfit. Just know how to combine the tones, choose the right shoes and that’s it, you’re ready to rock!


Elizabeth Taylor, Brigitte Bardot, and Catherine Deneuve, well-known film stars, popularized headbands at the time. Present on the big screen and in everyday life, together with a voluminous hairstyle known as the “beehive”, which is also a trend right now, they have become a sensation and are still capable of bringing a delicate and unpretentious air to the look. Whether smooth, colorful, or adorned with polka dots, they evoke a sense of elegance and ease.


It’s impossible to talk about the 60s and not remember miniskirts. By 1966, Mary Quant began to design minidresses and skirts that were around six or seven inches above the knee, but the accolade goes to André Courrèges, who was the first to explore shorter pieces in 1964.

Anyways, the new skirt model only became a success because of the way Mary played with the silhouette of the clothes. It is important to remember that the creation of miniskirts was also a notable event among women, as they considered them more daring and capable of bringing more possibilities for comfort and movement.

These trends prove that fashion continually revisits the past, reinventing classic styles for modern audiences.


The article above was edited by Giovanna Rodrigues.

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