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If you like to read books and want to start reading some in English, but are afraid to take chances, do not worry because I will show you some easy books to read and give some tips on how to get started and finish reading a book in English.

To make it easier to read and to not get tired, take time to focus on what you are reading. Stipulate a goal, like reading for 30 minutes straight or until you finish the chapter, if it is a short one. When we read a foreign book, many unknown words will appear, in addition to some passages that we will not understand. If you come across a term that you have never heard of, stop reading, go to the dictionary, search for the word and write down the meaning wherever you want. If you do not understand any part, reread it before continuing!

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This process takes time and patience. If you already have more practice, it is easier, but if you are just starting, you will soon get the hang of it and without realizing, you already reached the end of the book!

So, my golden tip is: search for books that you already know the story. This will make it easier to understand!

Check out 4 books to start reading in English:

Charlotte’s Web – E.B. White

The book tells the story of a little pig that was abandoned by his family because he was born tiny and would be useless for the family. So the family decides to kill the pig, but a little girl manages to save him and take care of him.

While growing, the pig goes to another place where all animals ignore him. However, to end his sadness, he becomes a friend of a spider that helps him to bond with the other animals and prevent the farmers from killing him.

Mieko and the Fifth Treasure – Eleanor Coerr

This book tells the story of Mieko, a girl who does artwork through writing. During the war, she seriously injured her hands and stopped doing her jobs. She had to move to live with her grandparents elsewhere and there Mieko tells about the challenges she faced at school, with friendships and a difficult struggle to return to being an artist.

This book is short, making it easier to read and in addition, you can learn a little about Japanese culture.

Peter Pan – J.M. Barrie

Everyone knows this story. Peter Pan visits a family home and listens to the stories that the mother of three children is telling. One day, one of the children realizes his presence and Peter invites them to live adventures with him.

As I said before, reading books in which you are already familiar with the story, as in this case, will help you get started and develop reading.

The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway

This book tells the story of a long struggle between an experienced fisherman and the best fish he has ever caught. After 84 days without being able to catch a fish, he finally managed to catch one, however, he did not expect the fish to be huge and very strong, even capable of dragging the boat away.

After tireless days being dragged by this big fish that took the bait, the fish gets tired and the fisherman manages to kill the fish. However, the blood attracts the sharks that eat the meat and leave only the skeleton to the man. 

As much as he was unable to eat, it was worth it, because he was able to catch a fish after such a long time. 

This is considered one of the classic books in english. It presents a somewhat difficult vocabulary, but nothing impossible to read, since the book does not have so many pages

I hope you like my book recommendations and start reading in English as soon as possible. Have a good read!


The article above was edited by Mel Trench

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