#4 Artists Who Made Music Videos Inspired By Personal Experiences

  1. 1. Conan Gray - "Heather"

    The newly debuted artist recently revealed in his TikTok account that “Heather” is based on a girl from his high school. According to Conan and his lyrics, he had a crush on a boy, but he knew that they couldn’t be together, for the boy already was dating Heather. Even with the platonic feelings, Conan reveals that he couldn’t bring himself to hate Heather, even though he was really mad: “But how could I hate her / She’s such an angel / But then again kinda wish she were dead”.

  2. 2. Beyoncé - The "Lemonade" Album

    The whole Lemonade album was based on Beyoncé’s life experience as a black woman, “Formation” was filled with references about the southern black culture, but the most personal track was clearly “Sorry”, in which Beyoncé leaves an innuendo that Jay Z has cheated on her. Some parts of the song even are supposedly about Blue Ivy, their daughter: "Me and my baby, we gon' be alright/ We gon' live a good life" sounds like someone who knows that despite a divorce, she and her daughter are going to be alright. At the end of “Sorry”, Beyoncé reveals a persona that represents Jay Z’s mistress, nicknamed Becky: “He only want me when I'm not there / He better call Becky with the good hair”.

  3. 3. Jay Z - The "4:44" Album

    Despite Lemonade being released one year prior, Jay Z makes sure to have his redemption with the album 4:44, and almost every music video and song are about himself apologizing to Beyoncé and their children after cheating on her. “Look, I apologize, often womanize / Took for my child to be born / See through a woman’s eyes / Took for these natural twins to believe in miracles / Took me too long for this song / I don’t deserve you”. Some parts of the hit 4:44 even spoke about eventual miscarriages that Beyoncé went through: “I still mourn this death, I apologize for all the stillborns.”

    In the track “Family Feud”, the mistress Becky appears again just as in “Sorry”: “Let me alone, Becky! / A man who don’t take care of his family can’t be rich”.

  4. 4. Katy Perry - "Teenage Dream"

    For the ones who follow Katy since the beginning of her career, it’s pretty obvious that the Teenage Dream Era is filled with her own aspirations, dreams and memories. The title track “Teenage Dream” was revealed to be about young Katy’s wishes to live a teenage dream, to run away and drive with no destiny through a country road, but her parents were always overprotective.

    In the case of “The One that Got Away”, the hit is surprisingly about her romance with the Broadway show star, Josh Groban. Kate told James Corden in 2017 that her hit song "The One That Got Away" was written about Josh, but then clarified that he's one of her "good friends" nowadays.


The article above was edited by Anna Bastos.

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