3 Reasons to Watch 3% on Netflix

On this November 25th, Netflix conquered to make Friday such an even more expected day of the week: this was the when the first Brazilian series on the streamimg website debuted, 3%.

The first season of the production counts with eight episodes and the scenario happens to be in a chaotic future. Brazil is a place where inequality between social classes is more than a structural issue, but a way of living. Moreover, meritocracy, the merit taken by the ones to are able to succed in some tasks, is seen as the salvation of the population. Although it does not look so different from the reality we live in, in the show only 3% of the population can acquire the right of living without any social concerns, such as hunger and lack of drinkable water.

In a dystopian future, Brazilians are divided between the "Continent" (where they live with all the devastation and lack of basic necessities) and the "Maralto" (where progress is, life is perfect and no one is wronged). To get out of the first and reach the second, however, it is necessary to overcome the Process, a rigorous selection, based on physical and psychological evidence, which can only be passed at the age of 20. All kids that are 20 years old need to fight to win the chance to construct a life in the "Maralto", a place with perfect conditions for a good life. The big question is that only 3% of these young people will succeed.

We listed 3 reasons why you should check it out now!

1. It all started in the YouTube!

Pedro Aguilera, creator of the story, said that the project was born in college as a web series, and was inspired by works such as Aldous Huxley's Brave New World. If you are curious, the four episodes are originally published on YouTube in 2009. After years, with support from Netflix, the production really took shape and went beyond.

2. 100% Brazilian

This is the first all Brazilian production on Netflix: idea, script, direction, acting and scenery. The recordings were made in São Paulo and it took the use of computer graphics to reach the final result.

3. Team for all

The team of protagonists is great and has Ezequiel (João Miguel), Michele (Bianca Comparato), Rafael (Rodolfo Valente), Joana (Vaneza Oliveira), Fernando (Michel Gomes) and Aline (Viviane Porto). This production involves actors with different ethnicity and characteristics and pictures powerful women in the main roles. The main male character is a black boy in a wheelchair.