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2022 Elections: 3 Practical Things You Can Do To Protect Democracy

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

The first round of the 2022 Brazilian elections is right around the corner. This year, the voters must elect the Federal Deputy, the State Deputy, the Senator, the Governor, and the President of the Republic! So, there are a lot of important positions at stake. It will take place on October 2nd from 8 am to 5 pm (Brasilia time). The second round is scheduled to take place on October 30 at the same time.

In this final stretch for the most important decision that a citizen can make in society, it is significant to understand that the right to vote, for example, is only possible because of a democratic regime. But after all, do you know the true importance of democracy?

Democracy is the regime that guarantees civil liberties and essential rights to all social groups, and do you know why?  Because it ensures that everyone has a voice in society.  Therefore, the regime allows different manifestations of thoughts and ideas, always defending plurality.

With elections approaching, nothing better than talking about democracy and how important it is to defend it.  So here are 3 practical tips you can do to protect democracy. Check it out!

The vote represents a popular presence in power, so vote! 

Throughout national history, there have been countless moments and forms of political and social dissatisfaction. During the 20-year period of the Brazilian military dictatorship, for example, there was no direct election for President of the Republic, the electoral process was not free of interference and bipartisanship was instituted. Soon, civil, social, and political rights were restricted, meaning that there was no broad freedom of popular choice.

Thus, the vote represents the true instrument of legitimation for handing over the power of the people to their representatives, given that it is a fundamental activity for the effective implementation of the democratic principle enshrined in the Federal Constitution. Your vote is important because it ensures that you, as a citizen, can be a part of your country’s political decisions. Therefore, it is important that the vote is conscious and, above all, that the candidates reflect your principles.

Take action: Defend freedom of expression!

As already mentioned, during the military dictatorship there was control over public opinion and over all areas of social life, including the media. Disagreeing was not an option, so an undemocratic system took the voice of the entire Brazilian press and population, causing information to be manipulated and many opinions silenced. Therefore, so that this does not happen again, it is important to defend the freedom of expression that every citizen has the right to in a society. There are many ways you can do that, you can participate in protests, be part of collectives and even express your opinions on your social media.

In a democracy, we can disagree with everyone, including those in power. Freedom of expression is considered, par excellence, a pillar of a fair society, whose basic function is to make democracy viable and effective in its most varied spheres. Therefore, defending free will is essential for justice to be maintained in a society, because it is through a democratic community that we think, disagree, or agree that it guarantees popular sovereignty.

Of course, we have to be careful not to mistake freedom of expression with hate speech. Discrimination against other races, women, or the LGBTQIAPN+ community is considered a crime and it is not within your right. Respect must always come first!

Participate by supporting elections, debates and parties

Elections must take place because it is from them that we can decide who will represent us, and who will make decisions that match our ideals, and this is how we manage to be part of a democratic society.  In this way, the debates among readers about who is the best figure to put themselves in power represent the democratic action of choice, being extremely important for the progress of a whole. Different types of parties represent different types of choices and different types of people, and the right to have the power to choose who we want to elect demonstrates the true essence of being part of a democracy.

Elections, debates, and party choices are important instruments for exercising citizenship, maintaining democracy, and transforming society, as it is always possible to find a candidate with whom you agree and identify more. If you want to take a more active part in politics, you can always volunteer for a party that you believe in and support your favorite candidate.

Now, do you understand why it is so important to defend democracy?  Maintaining a democratic system is synonymous with maintaining the voice of an ever-active population in a society. So, always fight for it!


The article above was written by Giovanna Machado and edited by Amanda Moraes. Liked this type of content? Check out Her Campus Cásper Líbero home page for more!

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