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2019’s Ultimate Carnival Shopping Guide

Carnival is amongst us! The official date for the holiday, this year, is only on March 5th, but Brazilians sure know how to party, and celebrations have already begun all over the country. But before you even think about dancing your way out into any “bloquinhos” (which is how those street parties are called), you must face the most important decision of the year: what to wear for carnival?

Image Source: Can Can Acessórios

Glamorous, exclusive, basic or super extra, carnival allows creativity and style to run wild. Here is a selection of brands that have launched special collections for this time of the year, suiting a variety of styles and budgets, so your outfit becomes the parties’ main attraction.

1. Accessories

Image Source: Feverê

Earings, headbands and all sorts of bangles can be found in collections from Bendita Benedita, Can Can Acessórios and Maitê Atelier. The first mentioned is a great store if you want to stock up on adornments as a whole. The prices are affordable, with glittery fanny packs costing only R$39,99. You can also find statement disco balls earrings and headbands with funny sayings.

However, if you are willing to spend a little bit more on your looks for this year, check out handmade accessories stores such as Can Can Acessórios and Maitê Atelier. Can Can launched its Seres de Luz collection, which features colorful masks, flowery hair pins and headbands with large height and dimension. They also offer special headbands that light up so the party keeps going even after the sun goes down. Maitê Atelier is specialized on wire head accessories. Styles are inspired by animals and also strong women such as Maria Bonita and Hera.

2. Seasonal Stores

Image Source: ‘2Essential

These accessories stores live and breathe Carnival since they only launch new collections around this time of the year. Most of them are made-to-order, which allows customers to personalize their purchase with the shop owners, so they can have an exclusive piece for a fair price. Arranjo Aí, for example, offers all the sparkles someone could ever dream of. Their headbands cost around R$70 and cause such an impact that will make everyone wish they could shine as much as you.

Feverê is all about the 2000’s fashion for this carnival: the collection offers a variety of earrings, chokers, bras and headbands. The most fun and festive piece is the letters-necklace (R$ 25) that spells all sorts of funny words and can be personalized with your own ideas (R$ 30). Mangaba Acessórios also has a great variety of headbands to be chosen from prices starting at R$40. They have fun and glamorous props mixed with leaves and flowers so you can let your inner Mother Nature come to life.

3. Daily Wear

Image Source: Renner

Maybe you are a carnival fan but would like to showcase your admiration in a more subtle way. Brands such as Farm, Hering and ‘2Essential have got you covered. Farm released not one, but three collections inspired by this festive time. Bola Preta brings patterns and colours inspired by a famous carioca celebration: Estação Primeira de Mangueira was inspired by the samba school Mangueira and Olodum, the music group from Bahia.

These three brands bring a more discreet look that can be worn day to night. Hering has a special selection named É assim que eu vou no carnaval, which has T-shirts with fun sayings, and also shorts and tops so you can face the Brazilian heat. Brand ‘2Essential also created a special carnival collection that offers a lot of bling with metallic fabrics and sequins. The looks are perfect if you are planning on a sophisticated night out celebration.

4. Good variety

These stores have it all. Costumes, bags, accessories, glitter, name it and they have it. The great items’ variety won’t disappoint and it will be worth the visit. Renner has an accessories-wall that stands out. Items such as rainbow earrings, pineapple sunglasses and body jewels can be found there among many other fun things such as funny socks and mermaid apparel. Riachuelo has a wide variety of fun character T-shirts. Options include princesses, heroes, villains and video-game characters.

5. Thrift Stores

If you are all about a good deal and/or saving the environment, you will be pleased to hear that some thrift stores have joined the carnival festivities and are also offering an outfits’ selection that could become the perfect costume. Penny Lane Brechó has new and used pieces that include metallic tops and shorts, accessories and puffy skirts. Brechó São Paulo does all the thinking for you: their Instagram account is filled with costumes styled from head to toe with daily pieces of clothing. Just make sure to be fast on your decision because all pieces are exclusive.

Lab77 launched the Carnavrau collection. Pieces such as bodies, shirts, long fringe skirts and arm accessories are offered in neon colours, making them very trendy. The brand also sells biodegradable glitter (R$55), which is both fabulous and eco-friendly. And, at last, Ziovara is all about feminism for 2019’s carnival. The pieces were made focused on empowering women, bringing T-shirts that feature feminist phrases and items that celebrate women’s body parts.

If you still can’t find anything you like, these other brands also have special carnival collections that might speak to you: Marisa, Zinzane, C&A, Oh Boy, Melissa, Filtro Agência, Dressto, Kataploft, GWL PWR, El Gato Store, Emoriô Acessórios and Baw Clothing.

Have a safe carnival and happy shopping!

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