1994 and 2019: Get To Know The Differences In The Lion King Soundtracks

This year, the whole world was thrilled with the arrival of the wonderful movie The Lion King, in a new version with more realistic characters but with the same story not to lose the essence of the original one. In addition, the songs of the 1994 and the 2019 versions of the movie had enough changes. The classical were kept and others were added.

Check it out now what songs were changed and which ones stayed the same on soundtrack versions of the movie. 

Image Source: IMDb

In both versions of the film The Lion King, these songs below remained, with only some improvements in the arrangement and changes on some people who interpret them. 

Of the original performers, we have the South African composer, Lebo M, the British pianist, singer, songwriter and producer, Elton John, and the German composer, Hans Zimmer. Of the new performers we have the American singer, songwriter and actress, Beyoncé and the actor and rapper, Donald Glover.

Songs that were kept in both versions:

  • Circle Of Life

  • I Just Can’t Wait To Be King

  • Can You Feel The Love Tonight

  • Be Prepared

  • Hakuna Matata

  • The Lion Sleeps Tonight

  • King Of Pride Rock

These songs from the 1994 version were not added in the new one:

  • Under The Stars

  • This Land (instrumental)

These song were made for the 2019 version:

  • Spirit

  • Mbube

  • He Lives in You

  • Never Too Late

  • Remember 

  • Reflections of Mufasa 

  • Simba Is Alive 

  • Scar Takes the Throne

Many movie scenes contain only an instrumental soundtrack that complements the film excerpts that do not have lines. These songs were added to the instrumental track of the new version with the name of the scene in which she plays.

  • Remember

  • Reflections Of Mufasa

  • Simba Is Alive

  • Scar Takes The Throne 

Finally, these two songs have had subtle changes. The song from the original movie “King Of Pride Rock” changed in 2019 to the name “Battle For Pride Rock”, with improvements to the instrumental parts of the song. Another change, also regarding the name happened in the song "To Die For" to "Stampade".