15 Tattoo Ideas For Those Passionate About Fashion

For all lovers and students of the fashion world, who would love to tattoo their skin with designs that make reference to the universe of fashion, here are some inspirations of fashionistas tattoos for you!

1. Flowers and Spool of Thread

2. Needle and Thread 

3. Hearts and Hangers...

4. Or Hearts and a Sewing Machine

5. What about some skin buttons?

6. Face Croqui

7. Fashion Dummy

8. Tinny Little Scissors

9. B&W Spool of Thread

10. Wanna needle you skin?

11. Maybe another scissor?

12. Love Measures

13. Half a Dummy

14. Sewing Machine

15. Hanger-Scissor-Neddle Mix

Which one did you like the most?