15 Easy and Cheap DIY Costumes for Pororoca

We are in August and that means Casper Libero’s biggest party is coming: Pororoca. In this party we can all let our imagination free and be whoever we want to because it is a costume party! But, if you still don’t know what you’re going to wear, we will give you some ideas of easy and fun costumes that you can create by yourself. Check it out!

Ice Cream

Sweet, fun, cute and easy.

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Mermaids are ruling the fashion world, so why not go as the hottest trend?




The most magical creature for a magical night.

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Delicious, easy and you can match with your friends.

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Pixar is going to be the theme of Pororoca this year. So, how about going as a character from Pixar’s cutest movie?


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Pooh, Piglet and Tigger

Cute, easy and you can also match with your friends.

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Sadness from “Inside Out!”

So cute!

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Fairly OddParents

If you want to match your costume with your bff, how about the Timmy’s godparents?

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If you have a lot of friends, you can try this on!

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Darla from “Finding Nemo”

The girl from “Finding Nemo” can be a fun and different costume.

Source: Halloween is Life



Dark, elegant, sexy and easy. How about that?

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Mary Poppins

The British nanny is going to have a new movie in 2018. Why not trying the next trend?

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Mean Girls, Clueless and Gossip Girl

How about going with one of these stunning looks from your favorite teenage movies or series, such as Blair Waldorf, Regina George or Cher!

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Source: PopSugar

Source: PopSugar