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#13 Songs To Cry In The Shower That You Need To Add To Your Playlist

Music is probably one of the biggest intensifiers of feelings we have. You can listen to a song to feel like you are in a movie, to dance with friends and have a happy moment, but also to live your sad times. Some songs have lyrics or rhythms that are really an impulse for getting emotional, even if they talk about something you never lived or felt before.

Thinking about that, here is a list of 12 songs that have that crying in the shower energy for those who like a soundtrack for when they are feeling blue. Open your playlist and enjoy it!

"Best Thing I Never Had" - Beyoncé

I will start unconventionally because I don’t think that this is the saddest song on this list. But Beyoncé sings with such emotion, such a relief for being over someone, that if I could choose a song to listen to with my eyes closed while taking a shower, singing it like I'm part of some musical or something, this would be the one. I hope you can feel all those emotions too! 

"I Lost A Friend" - FINNEAS

Well, almost all FINNEAS' discography could fit a sad playlist, but this one is special. The song is great, the music video has a whole aesthetic behind it and it will awake your most sensitive sides. "I lost my mind, and nobody believes me" will hit you strongly.

"Cecília" - Anavitória

This is an amazing Brazilian song from the successful duo Ana Caetano and Vitória Falcão. The piano brings a special touch to it, flooding you with an engaging narrative. If you want even more reasons to feel like crying in the shower, I recommend watching the movie "Ana e Vitória", where this song is the soundtrack of a breakup between the fictional couple Ana and Cecília (Clarissa Müller).

"Vanish" - Giveon

If you are an R&B enthusiast, Giveon will provide you an incredible time with this song. "Vanish" is like the final words of a couple, a conversation to clarify some unspoken thoughts. This one and the other songs of his EP are really easy to relate to, and most of them are about relationships and heartbreaks as well, just like "Heartbreak Anniversary".

"The Scientist" - Coldplay

And here is a classic for you! The 2002 Coldplay gifted us with this song and I’m sure that if it starts to play at a party for some reason, or anywhere else, everyone will sing in a chorus. This song is sad and perfect for being sung out loud as nothing else matters.

"Breaking Up Slowly" - Lana Del Rey

Straight from the brand new "Chemtrails Over The Country Club", here is a production that can mess up directly those who had a hard break up with a loved partner. Or even those who have never dated someone at all — the tears can run with no distinction because this lyric and this rhythm is almost a recipe for feeling things deeply in your heart.

"Ela" - Tim Bernardes

Part of the first solo album of the Brazilian singer Tim Bernardes, this song feels really like a huge contradiction: it’s relaxing in the melody, but the lyric hurts a lot. It feels like he opens the vault of his personal thoughts, the sad and relatable part of it, and invites you to get immersed in all that meanings too.

"All I Want" - Kodaline

Honestly, a bathroom with dimmed lights and Kodaline playing in the highest volume could become a messy place for your feelings. But, in fact, this is a song that can be enjoyed a lot, even if the intention is not to feel “sad”. I mean, yes, it’s about someone being left by a lover in a very poetic way, but the rhythm is also great and the indie/folk vibe can conquer you.

"Falling" - Harry Styles

"What if I’m someone I don’t want around?"   — and there is an existential crisis.

As if the eternal 1D break weren’t enough, Harry could not let his album without making us collapse with a sad composition. It also has a breathtaking music video, a visual confirmation of all the feelings he is showing through his voice. It’s something simultaneously painful and beautiful to see. 

"Young & Sad" - Noah Cyrus

This is a really meaningful composition, not related to a broken heart due to a relationship or something like that. Noah Cyrus put all her feelings in "Young & Sad" about hearing her whole life that she would always be in the shadow of her sister, Miley Cyrus. This is about feeling like you are never enough, that even the best of you isn’t good for making people proud. It has a really sensitive and triggering lyric, but you can just feel the rhythm as well and it will be a lighter experience for your ears and heart.

"Writer In The Dark" - Lorde

It was an eternal dilemma to choose which Lorde song would be on this list. "Liability" is a close contender, for sure, but "Writer In The Dark" has a level of internalized agony, an unwanted love by someone toxic who she was not supposed to love anymore. When we talk about fearlessly putting explicit feelings in songs, Lorde is a queen.

"The Only Exception" - Paramore

Breaking hearts and keeping track of love stories since 2009, "The Only Exception" is a classical Paramore song that can make you emotional either by remembering a personal experience or just because the lyric is absolutely beautiful. It will remind you that love is possible, worthy and there is someone capable to help you put aside all insecurities and let yourself love and be loved.

"Exile" - Taylor Swift feat. Bon Iver

Taylor, Bon Iver, and a piano? Please, bring us some tissues.

"Folklore" and "Evermore" are two of Taylor Swift’s albums with lots of intimate songs, like "Champagne Problems" and "Cardigan", but "Exile" was a "Folklore" one made for us to feel something more than just a slight emotion. This feature will open some dusty doors in your heart to feel everything they’re singing — and some tears can surely come as a bonus.

And talking about bonuses… Here’s "Drivers License", from Olivia Rodrigo

I spent a considerable time thinking about this song and if it would have space on this list. Because at this time, we are tired to know in some way that this is a heartbreaking composition which already led us to cry in the shower many times. But Olivia Rodrigo deserves this extra spot: cause if you don’t know this song yet, I assure you won’t regret paying some attention to it. Just prepare to get emotional!


The article above was edited by Bárbara Vetos.

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