12 Books for Those Who Wanna Learn More About Communication Theory

Once we start a communication course on college, most of the people is seeking for practical experience. Experimental magazines, newspapers, online publications - just like Her Campus, radio and television projects. On the other hand, there are those whose eyes shine on the first Communication Theory class, back on the freshman year, and find themselves a little bit lost: from where should I start if I wanna follow an academic career?

Communication gives a wide range of subjects to explore and is a lot more than communicative skills, such as talking and writing. Actually, to communicate goes from pop culture to politics and also includes everyday experiences. That’s why there is a lot of doubts involving the study of Communication.

“What is Communication?” and “Is Communication a science?” are the kinds of dilemmas we face at the beginning of this journey. The bright side is: a lot of people study about this area and many of them are trying to answer this - and many other - questions. So, we decided to ask some people, who have been living inside this academic field for some time, which books do they suggest to those who wants to get on board and explore the fantastic world of Communication studies.

Luís Mauro de Sá Martino, professor at Cásper Líbero University and doctor on communication, suggested 10 national books, so you will never get bored - at least for a while.

1. A Era da Iconofagia - Norval Baitello Junior

2. Vivendo com a Telenovela - Maria Immacolata Vassallo de Lopes, Silvia Helena Simões Borelli and Vera Da Rocha Resende

3. A Sociedade Enfrenta Sua Mídia - José Luiz Braga

4. Os Nomes da Comunicação - Lucrécia D'Aléssio Ferrara

5. Curso Básico de Teorias da Comunicação -  Paula G. Simões e Vera V. França

6. Epistemologia da Comunicação - Maria Immacolata Vassallo de Lopes

7. Pesquisa em Comunicação - Maria Immacolata Vassallo de Lopes e Cláudia Peixoto de Moura

8. Comunicação e Democracia - Wilson Gomes and Rousiley C. M. Maia

9. Linguagens Líquidas na Era da Mobilidade - Lucia Santaella

10. Antropológica do Espelho - Muniz Sodré

Fernando Gonzalez, who just became a master in communication, suggests the Epistemologia da Comunicação: trajetórias autorreflexivas. Organized by Maria Immacolata Vassalo de Lopes – or just Immacolata, it’s available online on Academia.edu, you just have to click here!

Last but not least, we both and also Vivyane Garbelini, who has a master in communication, just like Gonzalez, recommend the Teoria da Comunicação: Ideias, Conceitos e Métodos, by Luís Mauro de Sá Martino.