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10 Tips to Deal with Internship’s Challenges

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Casper Libero chapter.

Personal growth requires some changes in people’s lives. One of them, and may be among the most exciting (and stressful) changes, is the achievement of the first internship.

Only those ones who have being through the anxiety and nervousness to face an awkward waiting room full of people of the same age, competing for the same job opportunity and, after all steps, receive a phone call saying that they were accepted knows how soothing and exciting is the feeling of be good enough to occupy any position, even if it is to serve coffee or make that annoying and boring clipping in the morning.

But, with the happiness of getting your first paycheck, you will also have some conflicts, that, let’s be honest, it’s not something so cool to deal with.

You’ve probably faced the delicate situation of hearing a friend endure a huge scolding from the boss, because sent the wrong information to a client, or, you’ve felt embarrassed to be on the other side of the situation.

You probably also have that annoying friend who doesn’t understand how a team works and thinks that can needs to handle it all alone, or, in one of the worst cases, your boss hates you but you need desperately the job! So, what to do to get over it, live in a peaceful way and keep your internship?

We list 10 tips that can help you a lot, go down there and give a peek:

1 – Do your “homework” before the first day

To start, research the company the night before the first working date, to refresh your memory and make further research on the history and culture of the organization.

By being prepared, you will feel more confident for the stage. Start your day 1 with a general understanding of the company. This will make you look more confident.


2 – Treat the internship as a real job

If a trainee wants the employer to take her seriously, it also needs to take the job seriously. You need to remember that your work will have an impact on the organization. You are learning in an active environment, the real world, so your contributions (and mistakes) affect other people.


3 – Prepare for unusual situation

Always have a tie or a pair of heels as a precaution. It is possible for a meeting or a work event to appear last minute. This will also show that you are well prepared for unexpected situations.


4 – Learn to manage time

It is important to be organized, careful to do not take wrong decisions and be prepared to finish a project on time.


5 – Socialize

It’s great for trainees to know co-workers, but be careful with the amount of personal information you share and how you behave. The new colleagues can act as friends, but it’s always good to have a limit.


6 – Network

In addition to socializing, you will want to bond along your new colleagues. If possible, take the opportunity to build great relationships in your internship. When your colleagues know what you are capable of, you will have more support time to “win a place” within the crew.


7 – Find an advisor

It is important that trainees ask advice to their leaders and managers. By doing this, it shows that the intern is not afraid to ask questions and is willing to learn from a more experienced person.


8 – Have initiative but accept guidance

It is voluntary attitude, but within reason. Employers will be impressed if you’re eager to help, but to no avail offer to all. Make very few jobs are better than poorly made or unfinished.


9 – Be respectful, but headstrong

The trainee must leave their comfort zone and also do boring tasks.


10. Challenge yourself

Try to challenge yourself, doing something you never did. Watch your co-workers and bosses to learn how to develop more skills. These skills will enrich your professional career, making it more attractive to future employers.

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